The following post is about a topic very personal to me. It may seem cheesy, it may seem dumb/unbelievable, but it is the 100% truth. I feel no shame in sharing this, as I have told many people about this. If you find this story uncomfortable, or dumb, or anything...sorry. :P

So, for today, I'm going to give a story about me, and Nintendo, and...other stuff. To sum up this story, basically, because of Nintendo, I'm alive today. It's not like Miyamoto pulled me away from a car(though that'd be pretty awesome), it's more depressing than that. Well, it's kinda depressing, but the overall story is a happy one.

To inform you guys, I have depression, and have for awhile. For awhile, I was suicidal, but I'm not really anymore. Please, don't feel like you need to give me special treatment or anything-I'm perfectly fine, and it would bother me more probably. :P

Anyway, this blog is going to take you through my exposure to gaming, and how, eventually, the company we(well, some of us) know and love, led to me not taking my own life.

To give you the initial background about me, I started gaming around the age of 8, when I got a Game Boy Advance SP for Christmas. Before this point in time, I had seen a PS2 at a friend's house, and had seen commercials for some games. I hadn't really experienced the joy or our industry, and for a few years, all I ever played were some games on my GBA SP, the DS Lite I got later, and Star Fox Assault at another friend's house.

Then, that first Christmas after the Wii came out, me and my brothers got one, not knowing what it was(we had asked for a GameCube. :P). I thought it was the best thing ever at the time, and I was pretty happy at this point with just playing simple, licensed games like Cars(that game was great). Then, if you've read some of my other blogs, you know what happened next; Twilight Princess. My introduction to the Zelda series catapulted me into my current love of video games, and I continued to pursue playing better known and more mainstream games, instead of smaller titles, so I could be more familiar with the industry.

Fast forward a couple years, and I'm on vacation in New York with my family. My brother was going to get to go to a hockey game, and this was the same week that the DSi was coming out, which I had been excited about. Because of the hockey game, my parents decided I would be able to get a DSi(yes, yes, we are well off financially). I was ecstatic, even though that in retrospect, there wasn't much that was new on the system, besides the camera and DSi shop.

Later, after I'd returned home, my friend told me about how there was this add on coming onto the DSi shop called "Flipnote Hatena", which was a program where people could make animations on their DSi's, and then post them onto a website. I got into the service, and had lots of fun with it. Around this time also, I started to have depression. I will not go into the specifics about this, as that is more personal, and I'm not willing to talk about that.

Anytime someone starts to post things on a website, they are going to attract attention. After awhile, I started to meet other "Flipnoters". One of those people was a girl, who became one of my best friends there. Eventually, I fell for her. Yes, this is incredibly stupid and nerdy, especially because I didn't know if she was actually who she said she was. Since then, we have both confessed our feelings for each other, and have actually met in person. She understood how I felt, and helped me through my depression, enough to not want to throw my life away. I would not have met her without Flipnote Hatena, or Nintendo.

So, indirectly, Nintendo saved my life. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have ever done that, have introduced me to someone as amazing as her, or have let me meet someone that has cured my depression.

I know that there's a possibility that someone else may have done something to help me, but at this point, I think it's safe to conclude this way. She's the person who's always able to make me happy, and so I say, thank you Nintendo.