My daily routine can be summed up like this; after getting home, I will go to my computer, turn on a random Super Replay, and just have it go while I play my 3DS, Wii U, 360, or do my homework. I can't stop watching them-there's just something about the series that I love. I even woke up and watched each episode of Blue Stinger before school on Thursday.

However, I watch the "bad" Super Replays many more times than the "good" ones, good and bad referring to the actual games being played at the time. OverBlood, Galerians, Blue Stinger, OverBlood 2, and Tail of the Sun are all still very fun to watch. At this moment, while I'm typing, the final episode of OverBlood 2 is playing in another tab on my browser, and I plan on re-watching Galerians soon. 

So, for the next few days, I thought I'd have a recurring theme in my blogs; Super Replay! For today, I'm going to give my favorite episode from each of the aforementioned Super Replays.

OverBlood: Episode 1

The OverBlood Super Replay is an amazing piece of comedy; from the "small canister", to Pipo's death, to the timer with three seconds left at the ending, each episode has tons of hilarious parts that are so memorable. However, the first episode of OverBlood takes the cake for being my favorite. It has the discovery of "Wienerless Steve", the infamous anti-gravity device incident, and it's also an hour and a half long, meaning it has 1 and half times the fun! I also actually got this game for my birthday last year...I still haven't beaten it, because I ironically couldn't save(curse PS1 games for not being able to save on a PS2 memory card!).

Tail of the Sun: Episode 5

While probably my least watched "bad" Super Replay, I do like this a bit. My favorite would probably be episode 5, for the obvious reason being the death of Ganon, the evil blue pig.

Galerians: Episode 7

What makes this a great episode of this little talked about Super Replay is its boss fight with a certain character, who will never be forgotten; Rainheart. We will never forget what happened to Raincoat-I mean Rainbreath. 

OverBlood 2: Episode 1

My favorite Super Replay's beginning episode sets the stage for how absurd and hilarious the game is. From Kondo's weird transformation, to the introduction of Acarno, the discovering of Pipo, and of course, "I feel a guy", this episode does not disappoint. 

Cyberia: Episode 1

The introduction of Mike, along with several of the most laughable scenes in gaming history, make the first episode of this surprise Super Replay amazing. This episode is the opposite of a "YAWN", being one of my most watched episodes of Super Replay.

Blue Stinger: Episode 6

The most recent Super Replay has been a great ride, and my favorite from it has got to be the 6th episode. It features the crew finally getting to Rat's Bar, and best of all, the very end; "IT'S A JEEP CRAB!". Also, we got to see Dogs Bower do some karate.

Alright, that's it for today. Tomorrow, I'm going to talk some more about Super Replay, and what I hope exists in its future.