For this weekend, I've decided to do an analysis of each Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, the three console manufacturers. I think that each of them has something unique about them compared to the other two, which can be a good thing, and a bad thing in some ways. I will discuss WHY I think each company fits that description, and why this is a good thing, as well as the drawbacks.

So for today, I'm going to first focus on my personal favorite out of the three, Nintendo. I believe that, compared to Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has much more of a personality, as well as a connection with their fans. 

Why Nintendo Wins Most Personal

Sony and Microsoft aren't Game Companies Only

This is just a matter of fact; neither Microsoft or Sony only focus on their video game divisions, while Nintendo is the one that only has that to rely on for profit. This allows Nintendo to be more in touch and recognizable than the other companies. When just the general public thinks of Nintendo, they're at least able to associate Mario Bros. and maybe Zelda with the company. Microsoft is more looked at with computers and Windows, with maybe Xbox 360 and Master Chief, but not as much as Nintendo. As for Sony...despite how many amazing brands they publish and have exclusivity to, they're not really associated with the company itself. People may think "PlayStation" with Sony, but not "Kratos", or "Uncharted". 

They've Been Around Longer

Again, this is also a no-brainer; Nintendo has seen the rise and fall of Sega, Atari, THQ, and other game developers over the years. They've survived this long because they have been able to innovate and evolve, yet still keeping a relatively same image; while they have somewhat gravitated toward family-friendly development, I think they still are managing to do enough to keep "hardcore" gamers in with them, providing difficult and entertaining experiences.

Nintendo Directs and E3

What's so great I think about Nintendo is how open they are with their consumers sometimes-with Iwata personally announcing new games, and doing things like unboxing Wii U. Through these Nintendo Directs, they've been able to convey more of their personality by simply having familiar faces like Reggie, Aonuma, and Bill Trinen appear and talk directly to the fans. The fact that Iwata takes his time to actually deal with game announcements instead of letting them be revealed as press releases is awe-inspiring in my opinion.

Satoru Iwata

The president of Nintendo very much has a positive air about him; the former developer from HAL Laboratory has taken sacrifices, such as the 50% salary price cut, to save price cuts from affecting the lower employees of the company. He also communicates personally in his interviews Iwata Asks. These interviews, coupled with his personal Nintendo Directs, really show how committed he is to the company, as he willingly presents himself to consumers. Neither Microsoft's nor Sony's executives have as much connection with the fans. Also, fans tend to laugh with Iwata than laugh at him..

Why is this an Advantage for Nintendo?

It Makes them More Likable

While this isn't a true point for everyone, I feel their personality at least helps in this department. I like Nintendo because of how committed they are to actually creating new play styles(while still having a controller...I don't like Kinect. :P), as well as evolving their own properties. I find them just great with conveying their message and goals, and overall being a great company.

It Lets them Cater to Fans More

Overall, by building an image of what the company is, Nintendo's able to deliver to fans what they want(usually...see below), and continue to operate in a way fans appreciate. Personally, I'm very happy with what Nintendo is bringing to the table in the future, and am very excited for the new approach they've taken with Wii U. 

But Why is this Also Bad?

It Can Cause Division Among Fans

Some fans in recent years have also become disappointed in Nintendo's ability to really deliver what fans want. while they have with such announcements as a remake of the Wind Waker, their handling of some other franchises have caused them to be scrutinized. Their focus on new controls led to the motion-control focused Skyward Sword, which some people liked, but some didn't. Also, the whole handling of the Metroid series in recent years has been questionable, with no mention of Metroid's 25th anniversary, and the negative reception to Team Ninja's Metroid: Other M.

Overall, I think is a win for Nintendo. Their personality has led to them being revered in the industry, and just being a likable company. The connection between Nintendo and their fans is much more apparent than any between Sony and their fans, or Microsoft.

Tomorrow, I will be focusing on Microsoft, but I'll leave which aspect they focus on for reveal tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this blog for today, and I'll have he Microsoft one hopefully up around this time tomorrow.