Everyone has those games you like that aren't considered "great" or sometimes even "good" games. I'm no stranger to this phenomena-over the years, I've had several games I've genuinely liked that aren't really mentioned by people anymore.

So yeah, today, here's some of the games that I still look back to fondly after having played so many more AAA titles after them.

Jimmy Neutron: Rescue Jet Fusion(GBA)

This licensed game was my VERY FIRST VIDEO GAME. EVER. Yes, this was my first exposure to our industry. It was a fun little platformer, and I wouldn't mind having to play it again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End(Wii)

Another licensed game I liked for some reason, probably because of the fact it was Pirates of the Caribbean. The motion controls we unresponsive, and the graphics atrocious. Yet I probably spent maybe 30 hours playing this game a couple times through, and trying to unlock extra things. I even got the game last year for PC...because  thought it was a better game, and the Wii version was a lesser, unique game; it wasn't, the PC version was the same.

All Harry Potter Games

Yes, the last few I'm grouping together, and because of them all being a part of the same brand; the licensed ones I played include the following:

PC: Sorcerer's Stone

GBA: Prisoner of Azkaban. Quidditch World Cup

GC: Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire

Wii: Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince

DS: Order of the Phoenix, Goblet of Fire

Almost all of these games I had a great time with, and I would actually play again to simply replay the game. My personal favorites would most likely be the two Prisoner of Azkaban ones, and Sorcerer's Stone for PC. The GBA version of PoA was actually a turn-based RPG, where you leveled up. While the game did require a bit of grinding, I found it really fun to play when I was young, and it had lots of extra content too; all the wizard cards, items, and seeing every monster, as well as leveling up each spell. 

My second favorite would be the GameCube version of PoA, since it had control over Hermione, Harry, and Ron. The game actually had each of them knowing different spells and abilities, creating a real strategy with which characters you chose. Finally, the very first entry in the series' PC title was engaging to me since it was one of my first PC games. It also is probably the scariest game I have ever played(this game scared me more than any Dead Space). In one of the final levels, you're required to sneak past Filch, and if he senses you, he automatically catches you and tells you off. In one such instance, I ran into a corner, and Filch heard me. This caused the camera to quickly rotate into his polygonal face, which too up the entire screen. Those polygons weren't pretty, and I didn't play the game for months afterward. So really, the best horror game I've ever played is a Harry Potter game. :P

So yup, those are some games I've loved that haven't been as popular as AAA titles, and that people don't look back at as often. Have you played any of these games, or have similar experiences with lesser known titles?