The World Ends with You is one of my very favorite games ever made, hopefully made evident by this 31/31 having a picture from the game for each header, as well as the subtitle being inspired by the games(for the most part-some aren't). With my new-found interest for the game again(due to writing this 31/31), I thought today I'd elaborate on what I'd love to see in a sequel, as well as the future of the series.

The World Ends with You Too(2?)

Keep the style the same

One of the beauties of the first cult DS title is its distinctive Japanese style. The pixelated gameplay was awesome, and the cutscenes and character art are still gorgeous to me. The overall feel of the game felt great to me, and I really don't want Square Enix to change much in the rumored sequel. 

Expand the world

While their isn't much to expand in terms of Shibuya itself, I'd more like to see elements of the world expanded upon; the origins of the Game, the Reapers, and how the Composer interacts with the Higher Plane. 

At least show Neku in some form

It's a 50/50 shot that Neku is the protagonist of the sequel. While it wouldn't make tons of sense story wise, his popularity and association with the game would make some people(myself included) disappointed in him not being the protagonist. If he isn't however, I think he should at least make some sort of cameo, as fan service, or maybe as some veteran of the Game, if it takes a long amount of time after Neku's three weeks.



Make it for BOTH Wii U and 3DS

The GamePad's interface makes it a perfect venture for TWEwY. Having a microphone and touchpad would allow the DS's unique controls, and the motion controls in both of Nintendo's 8th generation consoles would also allow some new kinds of pin usage.


'Nuff said.

The World Ends with U

(I thought of that on my own, but I found this pic. :)

Give us a better version of Solo Remix

The highly disappointing countdown at the end of last summer was a huge hit to the TWEwY fanbase, with a lot of people disappointed that it was only a re-release on iOS, with it not even coming to Nintendo consoles. I'm hoping that this version, Solo Remix, comes to some form of Nintendo consoles, preferably both(see above). I would pay $60 up front for Square Enix to put Solo Remix onto the Wii U or 3DS, with the original's control scheme, and more content.

Make an anime

Please Square Enix? Please? I know that Final Fantasy movie flopped, but you can do this-just do the game in like, 21 episodes-one per day. I'd love that sooooooo much.

Well, yes, this is the outcry of an unrequited fanboy, clamoring for more from Shibuya. That's all for today, see ya tomorrow people.