For awhile, I was not a fan of the Mass Effect series. I had never tried the games until early 2012, when I downloaded the PC demo of Mass Effect 2, and didn't really enjoy any of it. However, during the Steam Winter Sale this past year I decided to buy the original and 2, to give the series another shot.

When I came into Mass Effect 1, I was pleasantly surprised-the game felt great, with only some odd quirks, like only sprinting during combat, and there being no reload, only overheating of weapons. I eventually got use to the latter, and find myself really enjoying the game as a whole, with my only real problem in the end being the Mako(God I hated that thing).

So, after I finished the game with a huge focus on the Paragon options, I decided to go ahead into Mass Effect 2. Although I still remembered my troubles with the demo, I came in expecting, at the worst, an enjoyable experience. However, this wasn't the case. I beat Mass Effect 1 on the January second, and started Mass Effect 2 the same day; I haven't played the latter since the 4th of last month.

The difference between Mass Effect 1 and 2 to me quite apparent after the initial destruction of the Normandy-the first being the visual downgrade. Yes, I said that-downgrade. While Mass Effect 2 may have better looking character models overall, it is horrendous in the lighting department. My eyes hurt to look at the screen sometimes, and I didn't feel like I was playing a game in the same series almost. 

The next thing that was apparent was how they strip away everything you did in the first game-because I played this back to back, I experienced immediate disappointment in the Council's failing to fully recognize the Reaper threat, as well as seeing how my team became split up, and now Shepard had to work for Cerberus. Considering the series has always seemed to be based around building your team, and maintaining relationships with them and others, I was baffled after finding out what was happening in ME2-I was basically starting over, with a new crew. This also sent a blow to me-where were the characters I had spent a whole game with, who I had developed relationships with? Sure, you find them later-but if my initial meeting of Tali, which consisted of "you're alive? Great!..."(that being it) is indicative, than I don't really feel like continuing means that I will get the same relationships back.

But one of my biggest complaints about ME2 is the introduction of ammo-I was utterly confused. Why was this suddenly a TPS and not an RPG? When the weapons became overheated, than there was an actual strategy, and I had to be careful not to overheat, and be careful of where the enemies were in relation to me, so I could let my assault rifle cool down with a barrier between me and them. In ME2, the game seemed to simply become a TPS, with a second to reload and keep firing. Plus, since I was playing on PC, I experienced the messed up key-bindings BioWare implemented-I know you can switch them, but when you go into a sequel to a game you just played, and, expecting to sprint, you open up a menu, you get a bad taste in your mouth.

You did not end up being fun.

Those are my complaints about ME2-I have almost no desire to even go back to the game to play through it, because of how much I disliked it due to it being so different from ME1, and taking away everything I did in the first game. And oh yeah-I hate Miranda. A lot.

Anyway, that's how I feel. If you've felt similar between installments in a series, share your ideas below!