Well, I've had another one of those depressing days, like Day II. However, instead of posting a series of moments that depress me, and might have made you sad, I'm going to explore another negative emotion: hate.

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We all have those characters in games we really hate-that may be evil, or just generally awful in who they are as a person. Regardless, I've got several characters I've grown to really despite over the years, and now, I'm going to share them with you(I know this is a list, but this list will really help me-I'm in a bad mood, and writing about things  don't like...well, it helps.)

Hope-Final Fantasy XIII

Alright, this is one of those "everyone hates _____" characters-from what I've read on the internet, about 5% of people actually like Hope, and I'm not one of them. For the few hours I played Final Fantasy XIII, I was hoping that Hope wasn't in my party. He just whined, was an awful party character, and just served as a vacuum for my negativity at the time. Please stay out of Lightning Returns Hope, because I might get it.

Kendra Daniels-Dead Space SPOILERS below

If you played through Dead Space, you probably hate Kendra as well-she was shifty throughout the game, sure, but her betrayal at the end was just a slap in the face. Her entire character was just selfish and rude, and all she did was tell Isaac "oh you need this part. Go get it!" and...yep. 

Aht-Radiant Historia

Aht never did really anything substantially to move the plot along, if I remember correctly. All she did for me was stay at the very bottom of my party, almost never being used while I played the game. Thanks also, Aht, for being annoying!

Dio/Left-Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward SPOILERS below

Dio's a terrorist-his organization was responsible for the the mass killings that happened a few months after Sigma was kidnapped at the beginning of Zero Escape. He betrayed the other eight people trapped in the Nonary game whatever chance he got, and had an overall air of evil. I wanted to punch him more than a dozen times.

Yeah, again, sorry about this just ending up being another list-I've had a bad day, and am about to have to leave my house for somewhere without and internet connection, and would rather finish this now. I'm ending off here-good night to the 20(?) people who will read this, and here's another piece.