My gaming experience began when I received a Game Boy Advance SP for Christmas. The first time I actually owned a console was when the Wii came out, and at that point I'm ashamed to say I didn't know it existed; me and my brothers had asked for a Gamecube. 

In this way, my relationship to games started very late compared to my friends, who all seemed to be playing N64's while I hadn't even heard of Zelda. However, since I got a Wii, I've gone to the point where I'm involved with something game related constantly, and I know more then my friends about gaming in general (most likely to a point of obsession). 

Anyway, I felt like finally starting to write a blog, and I felt it best to start with my personal favorite games, as a way to just show who I am, and my personal tastes.

Note: I decided to have only one game from each series I love, to keep it varied. And this list is not definite, because I generally shift in which games I really want to play/love, but these are definitely all games that are in my top 15, if not 10. And everything except 1 is opt to switch around wit others on the list.

I'm also including only games I've beaten. 

10. Radiant Historia

Even though I love Chrono Trigger, I have sadly not beaten it. However, I feel as if this is a game that is this generation's Chrono Trigger. I had very little knowledge of this game when I received it for my birthday, but I loved it. The unique battle system that's a simple twist on the normal JRPG turn based battle system was fresh, and the ability to travel through time to direct points in the story was very different from Chrono Trigger. In CT, you moved through time, but once you went to a certain place, you didn't necessarily go back in time again, you just went to the same period and interacted with characters there you had already talked to. In this game however, you went over a period of several months, and that meant you could go back to certain times and interact with characters differently, knowing for example if they were fated to die, and you were able to change that. And coupled with the fact that this is a 50 hour game, and with an amazing story, it's in my top 

9. Professor Layton and the Last Specter

I didn't buy the first game right when it came out, but I have done it with every title since. The reason The Last Specter is on this list is because I feel like each title improves over the last, so The Miracle Mask will likely take over once it release this fall. Anyway, I love this series for it's rich storytelling, the simple but gorgeous graphics, and the challenging puzzles. Every title adds more cutscenes and more voice acting, which also is supreme, to make a more engaging experience. And the ending themes of each game are great, especially the Japanese versions, which had actual vocal lyrics.

8. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This is one of those games I picked up years after the original release, but fell in love with. I've beaten this game probably around 5 times, and some individual cases more than that. Even if it's the same thing over and over, I just love to play it, because the dialogue is amazing, and I don't remember every exact little detail to solving each case, so it's still a blast to replay. I'm excited for the 5th main entry to be announced formally soon, and I really hope the Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover gets announced for US soon.

7. Metroid Prime Trilogy

My first experience with Metroid was Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, when I rented it in 2008. The following year, Metroid Prime Trilogy was released, which I picked up day one. Although I found all 3 games challenging, and had the guide constantly in my lap as I played, I really enjoyed the game. The combat itself was always engaging, and not too hard or too easy. With each game, I liked the original's sense of exploration and atmosphere. The second game's light versus dark theme was interesting and mostly well implemented, and the third game, Corruption, had my favorite story, and a larger scope. 

6. Alan Wake

This game is pretty much the only reason I had for ever owning an Xbox 360, but now it's on PC, so now I don't ever play my 360. Anyway, this game has the most dynamic lighting I've ever seen in a game-it looks real, even if the facial animations don't half the time. The gameplay is unique and fresh, and involves a light versus dark conflict, one of my favorites in various forms of media. Plus, the story is engaging, convoluted, and downright awesome in scope. Add in the fact that the soundtrack includes licensed music made FOR the game, and you've got one hell of a package. I've been following the ongoing ARG that deals with the sequel (not American Nightmare) in great detail, and I'm hoping for an announcement soon. 

5. Left 4 Dead 2

This is the game I have spent the most time with (I'm pretty sure, I haven't kept track of some games that might beat it). I spend most of my free time playing this game, and  I just find it really fun. Versus is a blast, and the add-on campaigns are definitely worth it. There's even a mod to play through the entire Lost Woods and Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time. And of course, Valve's humor is ever present.

4. Dead Space 2

The first Dead Space was the first M rated game I ever owned/played, no lie. And I preordered the sequel digitally, so I played the hospital sequence in the wee hours before school the day it came out. So far, I've beaten this game at least 7 times, with every weapon upgraded, and the suit upgraded, etc. I'd probably have all the achievements if I hadn't gotten it from I know where every Necromorph bursts out, where most items are, etc. I love this game a lot-once you're overpowered, you feel great just easily making your way through the game. My only regret is I have yet to beat Hard Core mode, but I'm working to change that.

3. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

My original exposure to Kingdom Hearts was my friend reading the manga's, while I was reading the Zelda ones. He insisted that KH was better-something I don't agree with, but I ended up falling in love with the series. The first one I played was the original DS installment, 358/2 Days, following Roxas' time in Organization XIII. The story, while not on par with some of the other titles, was great, and this was the first time I cried after the ending of a video game. The panel system was one that was very fun, making myself more and more powerful. In the end, this was the first game I achieved 100% in, and I've actually managed to do it twice (almost).

2. The World Ends with You

Even though I haven't owned this game for over a year, it has become one of my favorites. Neku Sakuraba is one of my favorite video game protagonists, and employs several of my own personal traits. The art of this game is amazing, looking anime in some ways, but also unique in its own way. And the soundtrack is my favorite of all I have listened to-the Japanese pop music is a genre I really like, and this game's soundtrack is full of it. And the gameplay is touch based-you might slash upwards to form icicles, or touch an enemy to zap them with lighting. It's all very fun. And the story is one that is original, amazing, and one that makes you care about Neku and Shiki and all the characters. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The first time I saw this game in action, I thought it looked bad. Awful. I didn't know the scope of it yet, I just saw Link riding around a village. Before then, the best game I'd played was Super Mario Bros. 3, a great game, but not a 21st century AAA title. Then I decided to borrow the game from my friend, because I didn't have anything to play.

Because of this game, I am a gamer. This game made me realize how deep a video game's story could be, and it was my first time I got to experience The Legend of Zelda. Granted, most of what I give this game credit for already existed in other games a decade before it came out, I still love this game, because it just opened up the doors for me personally, started me on my path into gaming. So yeah, without this game, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't care about video games. Okay, I probably would, but this game shaped my future of my gaming experience, and for that reason, this is my favorite game ever.