Unfortunately I've been taking an unexpected hiatus from blogging for the last couple of months. I either didn't have time, could think of what to blog about or was just plain lazy (The latter of which, was what sabotaged me the most.) But I've finally been able to break the cycle of repetitious nothingness with something I haven't actually done before: An A-To-Z video game blog!

A: Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

Easily the game I remember most fondly from the PS2 era. The combat, story and characters still hold up pretty well and every time I hear Blurry by Puddle Of Mudd, I shall always remember Chopper *sniff.*

B: Bastion

Just ask anybody who has played it and they will tell you that Bastion's art style, soundtrack and narration are absolutely fantastic.

C: Call of Duty

Back before it was about Modern Warfare and regenerative health, it was a World War 2 shooter with health packs. I put a good amount of time into the original's single player campaign way back when. I played just couple of months ago and I'm still surprised at how well it holds up.

D: Dear Esther

Relatively speaking Dear Esther can very loosely be called a 'game.' You don't have any combat, puzzles or anything else that is commonly associated with gameplay past movement. The main thing you actually do in it is figure out the story and listen to the narrator.

But it was still a pretty interesting game and, even though it's only about an hour and a half long, I still felt that it was worth the ten bucks I spent on it off of Steam.

E: Endless Space

This little gem of a yet to be fully released game, has already taken up a good chunk of my time and will probably grab more of my time before the week is up! Endless space is a mix of turn based strategy and 4X* gameplay and is currently only in its alpha so not everything is finished yet from what I've played I can definitely recommend checking it out.

*4X being games like Sins of a Solar Empire and Homeworld

F: Fallout 3

I admit I'm a late bloomer to the Fallout series. I was holding off on the series but I eventually said Eff it and bought all four games (Still haven't gotten around to playing 2 and Tactics though.) I'm not sure if I have put in the same amount of time in it as I did with Skyrim but I know I got a much bigger kick from it then Skyrim.

G: Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

I'm not really quite sure how many hours I've but into this game but I'm guessing I probably don't want to know. It could basically be called Age of Empires with a star wars skin to it but I didn't really care.

My favorite part about this game will all ways be the cheat codes. Besides your basic resource and fast build cheats, Galactic Battlegrounds had a pretty large number secret unit codes that can range from a less powerful Star Destroyer and Tantive 4 to the instant killing Simon the Killer Ewok and of course The Death Star.

H: Hard Reset

I really, really love cyberpunk, so when I saw Hard Reset I got really, really excited! The game was a pretty enjoyable old-school style shooter up until the ending which, felt more unfinished then rushed.

I: The Iconoclasts

Right now there is just an alpha version of this game so it isn't actually done and has plenty of flaws but it is still pretty enjoyable and it is a Joakim Sandberg* game so the art style, music and boss battles are all fantastic. The Dialog between the characters is also pretty well done and story is pretty interesting. It basically boils down to "What if the neighbor that offers to fix your dishwasher, is considered to be doing a very high sin against the local religion?"

*Will be talking more about him in a later letter.

J: Just Cause 2

As far as map sand-box map size goes, Just Cause 2 takes the cake with around 500 square miles of map. Getting 100% in this games would not be an easy feet to do (Especially when you have to get all of the unique vehicles on the map, not an easy task.)

K: Knights of the Old Republic

A star wars RPG set long before the movies and is made by Bioware. What more needs to be said?

L: Lemmings

These little green haired rodents will give the Energizer bunny a run for its money when it comes to going and going and going. They hit a wall, they turn around and when they fall I'm sure they keep going. The only time they stop is when they reach the cave... and then the go to the next zone!

M: Metro 2033

While it has a few flaws, there is no doubt in my mind that Metro 2033 is easily my favorite game from this gen! The gunplay was very solid, the story is well done and I have yet to play a game with better atmosphere then Metro 2033.

N: Noitu Love 2: Devolution

If Metro 2033 is my favorite game of this gen, then Noitu Love 2 Devolution easily takes a photo finish second place in my heart. The music and art style is of course great (being another Joakim Sandberg game) combat is super-fast requires you to constantly be on the move if you want to finish the level with a good score. The boss battles are like puzzles rather than frustratingly over powered opponents like in others games.

The game is absolutely fantastic and I definitely checking out at least the demo on Steam.

O: Orcs Must Die!

Brilliantly mixes tower defense with third-person shooting mechanics. The name says it all, all of the Orcs must die!

P: Popping Penguins

I couldn't find anything off of Google about this game so I doubt many people remember this game but for me, this old Macintosh game was my earliest introduction into gaming. The game design pretty simple, you pop penguins with a weapon you got from an Eskimo who tells you to "Choose your weapon, and pop those pesky penguins!"

Naturally I always picked the lips because watching penguins pop from being kissed was hilarious to me as a kid.

Q: Q.U.B.E.

I still haven't gotten around to buying it yet but the demo for it was interesting. It's like portal but with colored cube based puzzles instead of a portal gun.

R: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Republic Commando was one of the most absolutely fantastic, if not underplayed, of the Star Wars games. There was no Jedi or sith to bog it up and the only lightsaber in the game was an Easter egg. Personally it's still my number one favorite star wars game, and I'm sad that It will probably never get a sequel.

S: Spellforce

Perhaps the earliest mash-up of RTS and RPG elements into one, the first Spellforce was far from perfect (As it stands I had to use a god mode cheat just to get past the later levels) and the gameplay in the second game was far superior. Still there was something about the first game's aesthetics that I found somewhat more refreshing then the second game's standard blagh dragons and scantily-clad female character fantasy setting.

T: Thief 2: The Metal Age

As far as stealth games go, Thief 2 is the king of them all. Thief 2 isn't going let you go off with a loud approach to anything; it's one of the few games where you actually had to be stealthy. Your blackjack and the shadows are your main weapons, killing is only a last resort for you are a Thief and you are supposed to steal stuff not kill people.

U: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Yes, I know I'm sort of cheating on this one, but I don't care)

I'm not sure if this is the game I've put in the most hours into but I know I've put in well over 250 hours at least. The first couple of hours can be slow for anybody that hasn't played one of the previous games before but it can get very addictive and is very fun whether you play alone or with one or more people in your party.

V: Valhalla Knights

It was a pretty enjoyable PSP Dudgeon Crawler but tended to get a bit too grindy at times. The second game took a huge misstep by taking away the teleporters and forcing you to backtrack all the way back into the dungeons.

W: Waves

Very fun twin stick shooter with a lot of visuals going on at once.

X: X3: Reunion

Though its UI has a very steep learning curve, I felt Reunion had the most balance of the previous games and had some pretty good visuals... Characters models were still pretty gross though.

Y: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

This is mostly here because I couldn't think of any game that started with a Y in it. Though it wasn't my favorite of series (That goes to Generals and Renegade), Red Alert 2 was what got me into the command & conquer series. Yuri's Revenge had a lot of mind control and mutants, that's what I remember most about.

Z: Zoo Tycoon

The game that proves I would get sued within 24 hours of becoming a zoo manager.


Well I hope you enjoyed this blog! Now if you will excuse me, I'm to teach Children math with sequels!