Well this week i did something i didn't think I'd do...i read a star wars book.

Now your wondering whats the big deal i thought you loved star wars. Well i do but it's fiction doesn't all ways plays well with it's self (Plus I'm bored of hearing about Jedi and the alliance) but I've overdosed with fantasy novels and there aren't enough sci-fis for my taste so I'm going to take a swim in the sea of Star Wars.

(The cover alone would catch your atention and keep it there untell it eats your brains)

  Somethings you instantly know will work like Jammed fruit and creamed nuts, Pumpkin pie and whipped cream, dungeons and dragons. Then there are thing that you never thought would happen to mix like say peanut butter and chocolate. Star wars: Death Troopers is a peanut butter and chocolate moment.

Star Wars and Zombies have you ever thought it would happen? well Joe Schreiber did and he made it into a book. Death Troopers sucked me in and kept me there tell there was nothing left to suck and i was a dry Heep of a zombie.  The book it's self could stand on it's own with out the star wars mark at times i didn't think i was in the same universe as Star wars at times. Of course they bring you back into the star wars universe by...Spoiler alert!, spoiler alert!, spoiler alert!

(Do to my belief that a person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read. I will not let you get spoiler from me so easily so i well write them backward) 

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(Un-spoiler alert. if you could read that good for you, now go read the book!)

The story is darker and gorier then the movies(Well the movies don't have zombies so duh...) The book successfully combines zombies and star wars and it is a very entertaning  i highly recommend reading it whether your a fan of star wars or not.


Well next i will continue my swim in the Star wars lake with the official tie-in novel with one of my most favorite star wars game ever(I'm putting that ahead of KOTOR and Battlefront).