I know a lot of you were offended when Gameinformer called Clash of the Titans a God of War rip-off, but the truth is...it was. And I'm not referring to the original, which (for its time) was a masterpiece and eventually inspired God of War. I've played all three of the God of War games (though I haven't played Chains of Olympus yet) and when I fought Perseus in God of War II, I wanted to know more about the Clash of the Titans. I watched the original and though most of you won't like the cheesy animation or not-so blockbuster action, I liked it and saw something unique. Then I saw the remake in theaters and there's only one other word that describes it besides rip-off: copy-cat.

WARNING: I will be revealing spoilers to both God of War and Clash of the Titans, so if you don't want them to be spoiled, WATCH OUT!!!

The Beginning: In both Clash of the Titans, the movie starts with Greek militia throwing a woman and her baby boy (SPOILER: its Perseus) into a coffin and throwing it into the water, where it sails off. In the original, the Gods of Olympus guided them safely to an island, where Perseus came to age. In the remake, however, they have a fisherman and his wife find and place the coffin onto their boat, where the mother dies and the baby lives. From there, they raise it as their own despite having a daughter later on. Then one day, their boat gets hit by Hades himself and Perseus watches those that raised him drown, making him vengeful towards Hades. For those of you that don't see it, the Perseus in the remake seeks revenge on a god, just like Kratos did.

Personality: In the original, Perseus was always thankful of the gods and quite loyal to them. When the Gods of Olympus offered him the sword that could cut through anything, the shield that could block anything, and the helmet that could make him invisible, Perseus gladly took the gifts that the gods bestowed upon him. The Perseus in the remake is nearly the opposite: he is vengeful towards the gods and hates them for letting his family die and when he is offered the sword that can cut through anything, he practically says, "F*** YOU GODS!!! I don't want that piece of $***!!!" Hmmm, someone showing anger towards the gods for not saving his family, kinda sounds like someone else we know.

Appearance: The Perseus in the original movie actually looked like a Greek hero. With his long brown hair, white and red robe, and with a sword and shield in hand given to him by the gods, he (at the time) defined Greek hero. The Perseus in the remake dresses like a Spartan, with a shaved head, battle armor, and a sword and shield NOT given to him by the gods. He simply uses a Spartan sword and a scorpion shield with spikes or whatever the hell it was. First off, Perseus never was, nor ever will be a Spartan, and second, Kratos is the brutal Greek hero in his game and what Perseus looks like in the remake is more of an insult than inspired off of him.

The Action: I know that most of you will NOT like the action in the original movie, so I won't mention it. In terms of the new movie, it shows Perseus fighting off giant scorpions, battling a medusa (which was from the first movie), killing a creature that was once a man (also from first), fighting Hades's army while riding on a pegasus, taking down the Kraken (from the first as well), and fighting a god. Perseus's battle with the giant scorpion reminds me of God of War III's scorpion battle, Perseus fighting while riding a pegasus reminds me of God of War II, and him fighting a god was taken right from God of War I. The only difference is that Kratos has a battle of epic proportions each time he battles a god while Perseus simply threw the sword the gods gave him at Hades and that was the end of it. Did the people making Clash of the Titans remake play every God of War and then decided what action sequences they wanted for their movie? Geez.

The Ending: Perseus in the original defeated the Kraken and saved the people from destruction, and Perseus does the same thing in the remake, but this time add the fact that he defeated Hades. Whats next, does Perseus become a god? Thank "god" he doesn't. The original Perseus saved Greek cities first, but Kratos does it way better than remake Perseus.

All and all: Clash of the Titans remake is a prime example of why you shouldn't take great movies and remake them. When someone goes to remake them, they become something else entirely (in a bad way) or become something thats already been done. Game Informer didn't say that the original was a rip-off because they all know that God of War was inspired by it. The new Clash of the Titans however, was in fact a rip-off and looking at it now, Game Informer was right about it all along.

PS: If you noticed a few things that the new Clash of the Titans ripped off from God of War that I didn't notice, post it to me in a comment and I may include it. Peace.