E3 is nothing new, nor is it old. It's been going on for some time now, and the annual event has lead many gamers to surprise releases/teasers, and last year was the PS4 game Watch Dogs. That stirred up quite a bit of talk, and this year, everyone knew that Sony would be releasing more information on the PS4 and Watch Dogs, but what we didn't know is how great the expo would truly be this year. 

   I would like to start out with my opinion of the event so far, and personally, I love it. I'm relying on YouTube channels and word of mouth, because G4 isn't a gaming network anymore, but I'm getting good information. 


   Moving on to my first topic to discuss, is the review of Nintendo's conference. Let me tell you, the Wii U looks a hell of a lot better than it did before. While watching the live feed in study hall today, me and my friends were blown away(Literally shouting out) at how great the company did with presenting their products. 

   First, let's talk about the new Mario Kart. That game looked great! Here, watch the trailer if you haven't!!


    I think this game looks great! Going on upside-down tracks, tracks that go vertical, and so many more different things make this game look different than every other previous Mario Kart game. 


   Next, a very big announcement for many gamers, the new Legend of Zelda game. It's Wind Waker, but with enhanced graphics and high definition. But hey, it looks great. 



   And finally(I'm skipping smaller announcements), the game my friends and I were waiting for, the new Super Smash Bros. I have to say, it looks fantastic.



   With Nintendo's great presentation out of the way, I'll move on to what I'm most excited for. That would be Sony, DICE, etc. 


   I'll finish this article with DICE, since the biggest shocker was presented by them. 


   Sony had tons of games worth looking at. From Killzone to Watch Dogs, pretty much everything looked good. 

   When Sony had announced Watch Dogs, I was on the negative side. It just didn't look interesting to me. Then, they released the first gameplay trailer. That caught my attention. I was drawn towards the game. Now, they released the demo, which looks phenomenal. The game looks completely realistic, fun, and enjoyable. The car chase scene was probably my favorite, because of the fact that it looked so real, stealth applied, and the player escaped the chase by hacking into a fence and hiding. 


   (Sorry, no videos from this point on, my internet isn't working properly.)


   Next, Killzone. I have to say, the first trailer had me interested, but now it just looks..."eh." I was never the biggest Killzone fan, but this settles that I probably will not be buying the game. 


   As for inFamous, I have to say I'm even more excited. The trailer Sony released looked just like a movie. I felt like I was watching a cinematic trailer in the theater. I honestly hate this, but this trailer was pretty cool. I can tell the game has good voice acting, and Sucker Punch is really utilizing the PS4's potential in order to make the game feel more like an experience. E3 was packed with gameplay, I must say, even this trailer had a good taste of gameplay. 

   I'm excited for Second Son, but Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is probably the best looking game to me. Assassin's Creed? Yes! Pirates? Even better!! Needless to say, the gameplay trailer made me even MORE excited than I was. 

   Square Enix took the stage, and announced a new game. As they played the trailer, I was thinking "Wow, this looks great! Good to see they aren't doing the same Final Fantasy XIII thing again, and trying a new series!" However, they were very tricky. As the video ended, the words came on the screen. Final Fantasy XV. And before you think "It's probably the same," they showed gameplay in the trailer, and it's completely different. 

   And finally, The Elder Scrolls Online. Announced for the PS4 and Xbox One!? How exciting! My friends and I are all getting the PS4, as well as TESO, so we will probably start a guild or something, so it's great to see Bethesda treading territory that will satisfy their fans. Plus, the gameplay looks awesome, too. Not exactly Elder Scrolls, but hey, it's an MMO, what more can I expect?

   Sony did great, I won't even lie about what I thought. It seemed perfect, if they hadn't talked about the entertainment that the Xbox One has(TV, mostly). In a way, I felt like it was another blow to Microsoft, Sony saying "Hey, WE can do all of this too, but we can put out some great games while you're captivated with our movie and television content!"


   Anyway, transitioning from Sony to EA(Boy, that seemed fast). EA not only delivered a fairly devent conference, they also gave us a trailer for the upcoming Need for Speed movie!(That nobody seems to care about, not even me!)


   The first thing I'd love to mention is definitely Battelfield 4. 

   Boy, do I love Battelfield. The huge battles, the scale of the maps, vehicular warfare, teamwork, and of course, destruction. Beautiful, beautiful destruction. The trailer was simply astounding to me. While it's definitely obvious that every player was told to do something specific to show the players what the Frostbite 3 engine is capable of and that the game won't be as epic, taking advantage of the engine could result in interesting matches. Unlike Battlefield 3, destruction seems to take a bigger part of the game. In the trailer, the player destroyed a support pillar underground, and a whole part of the road above ground caved in. Plus, how can I forget the skyscraper toppling over? I'm not sure if it falls because a player destroyed support or because a certain amount of deaths was reached, but it sure looks amazing. 

   EA also revealed a new first-person shooter that was rather unexpected(The name escapes me), but it definitely looks like an interesting game that I will continue to follow. 

   And then, the big, bad teaser, the teaser that made me so happy, I literally started crying. 

Star Wars: Battlefront.

   I don't know if this is a reboot or just a redone game(most likely a reboot), but DICE has the opportunity to create something grand. Something that I have wanted since Battlefront 2. The Frostbite engine in the game. Battlefield + Star Wars, my biggest dream. And with the Frostbite 3 engine, it seems most possible to create a great experience. The teaser was very short(as all teasers are), but this is the game I'm most excited for, and I am eagerly anticipating further news on it's production.


   That's all from me(Until maybe I finish Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, which I haven't even gotten to yet, because it's so incredibly hard that I'm going to level 100 before I start).

What were your thoughts on E3 so far?