If you're anything like me, you loved Star Wars Galaxies, regardless of having possibly the crappiest computer in gaming history. I can barely watch YouTube videos anymore. YOUTUBE. Probably the simplest website for watching videos! 

   Well, whatever. The game was cancelled last year, and I'm sure all of the true fans miss it dearly. Because, some of us invested money(All of us) in that game. It was a cheap subscription, that I want to continue paying for so I can continue playing that game! 

   Coming up with a list of improvements to this game will be hard. This game was pretty much perfect to me. Sure, the frame rate was terrible, but I just need a new computer. However, I still do remember this game. 

   First thing on this list I'll have to say is the trading card game. That didn't even make sense, I didn't even know much about it. I don't know enough about it to complain, either. So we'll just move on. 

   Second, traveling. I loved driving speeders, it was a great way of getting around, except when you're going from city to city. That calls for buying a ticket to use the transport. The problem: You have to wait. Then, you have to go to a loading screen, even if you're going across the planet. 

   Third, space traveling. This was another thing I loved. Building a starship completely from scrap material, it feels just like building a computer! The only problem with space travel I saw was enemies. Sometimes, it's like getting jumped. Or raped. These are probably bad similes, but it's kinda like that. You're alone, in the eternal void, and out of nowhere space pirates come and harass you. To make it worse, they're probably more powerful than you! It's horrible!

   This game was my favorite MMO. I really loved the complexity. You literally go in there and can do whatever. This is one of the reasons I loved Skyrim. 

   Lastly, I'm not exactly sure about how this works, but Kickstarter has been popular lately. 

   Can you tell where I'm going with this?

   Maybe we, as a community can bring this game back from the dead, and improve it. I don't know, but it's an idea.