Hello, bloggers and gamers of Game Informer.  This week's "Mind-Blown" post is about the indie and sandbox phenomenon, Minecraft.  This was another no-brainer for me to write about because of how hooked I was to the game for weeks.  I still haven't bought the game myself, but I have used my creativity on my best friend's XBOX 360.  Minecraft is absolutely one of the best indie and sandbox games ever created.

       Why is it so hugely popular?  There are no objectives and no sense of any direction whatsoever in a game world.  You choose what you do.  The world is there in front of you.  Do...something.  That's what blows my mind.

       It's the simplicity in the design of the game.  From the graphics to the sound, from the gameplay to the game world; every single aspect of Minecraft is simple, yet it never gets old.  Yet such a simple game enabled someone to build this castle.  The simplicity in the game's design enables it to nearly be unlimited in its scope and possibilities.

       Sandbox games are known for the freedom they offer to their players, but Minecraft takes it to a whole new level.  With survival, creative mode, and the mutliplayer mode to choose from, there is a lot you can do in the game.  Randomly generated worlds and creativity mean that no two worlds will ever look remotely the same.  Just a choice of where to go lies before you when you drop into a new world, and you have to scramble to gather all the supplies you can for the long night ahead.  Mystery lies above ground, underground, and in other realms, all there for you to explore on your own.  Minecraft gives a feeling of freedom and exploration never seen in any other game.

       A point that I mentioned in the last paragraph was creativity.  You see, I'm a good writer, but artistically and musically, not so much.  I didn't think I would be very good at building in the game, but I'm actually the polar opposite of that.  Instead, I've found that I'm a very creative builder. I always know when I have a new idea because I can see it forming in my mind, taking shape, and I get excited.  This is the reason I built a small underwater city on peaceful (not creative) mode.  This is the reason I'm currently building a much, much bigger, more creative underwater city right now and the reason why I just got done building a massive mansion, my biggest creation yet.  When I play Minecraft, I can feel what I call the "creative juices" flowing, and I love it.

       The most amazing thing, to me, however, about these two points I made is that the game is not made in any hugely complex way.  The developers didn't mar a really good idea by adding in so much as an objective.  The extent of their work goes into keeping up with their players, managing servers, and updating the game.  The way the game never holds your hand is almost alien to a gaming community accustomed to hour-long tutorials and extensive hand-holding.  It's simplicity is what offers you the nearly infinite possibilities and freedom.

       That's it for this week.  This is a relatively shorter post, but it'll be fine.  These are not my creations, by the way.  Comment on anything, respectfully share your opinions, and recommend games and series that blew you mind.  If you liked this post, read my other "Mind-Blown" posts and look for the next "Mind-Blown" post either on next Sunday or Monday.  And as always, thanks for reading!