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Capcom, please read carefully

Resident Evil First Person Shooter

How many Resident Evil series fans are also into First Person Shooters?  I know I am.  And for years now I've been craving a cross over for the series.  RE: Dead Aim came close to satisfying my lust.  Umbrella Chronicles flat out disappointed.  In any event these are light gun games.  I'm looking for some dual analogue, aim assist action.  Here's my idea.

Who is the one undisputed BAMF that has been called to witness every Umbrella misstep?  Who has been a survivor of said missteps?  That same head kicking, TMP wielding, SOB you see above this text; HUNK.

Some of the best FPS games in past decade have featured silent protagonists who go beyond human restraints to complete a mission.  Hunk is that man for the Resident Evil Series.  His character traits and series history make him a prime candidate for some first person mayhem.

But how would this FPS play out?  It could be a by the number FEAR clone with Hunk navigating dark corridors being tormented by the shadows of escaped Umbrella BOWs.  Or it could be injected with a L4D vibe where Hunk and his soon to be lost team members must work together and navigate the bowels of Umbrellas most heinous facilities.  I could go on and on about the possibilities, but you get the picture.

Let's move onto multiplayer.  It's something I hadn't thought about until I was typing that last paragraph.  I'd imagine that the generic Umbrella Mercs would fill the slot for player models.  Perhaps throw in some STARS, RPD or other "good guys" to fill in as the "other team".  Thanks to recent titles like GearsOW and ODST, there would no doubt be a survival mode akin to horde mode.  God, isn't this just making your mouth foam over the possibilities?

I hope Capcom is.  I read on of a certain Capcom big wig visiting western developers trying to learn our secretz.  So I hope with all hope that some day, this game comes to fruition.

I'd be glad to help. :)