if you’re on a PC and waiting to buy FIFA 15, you will be excited by this news—you have a chance to try FIFA 15 Coins—tomorrow! Electronic Arts has just announced that starting on September 9th, 2014, PC gamers will have a chance to test out the demo version on Origin. There is no cost to play the demo, and you do not need to pre-order to test drive it. That way, you can figure out whether your computer is up to the task of handling the newly updated Ignite Engine and the amazing realism of the upcoming game! Here is what EA had to say about the demo:


“The FIFA 15 PC demo is a fantastic and free way to test out if your gaming rig has the right stuff. When the demo goes live, it doesn’t cost you a thing to check out the performance of the game on your gaming PC. What you experience in the FIFA 15 demo is just a sampling of the full FIFA 15 game, but it’s a perfect test of the Ignite Engine on your PC. Tweak the settings to get the most out of FIFA 15 on your gaming rig.”


This is a pretty epic announcement, because it tells us just how much more advanced FIFA 15 is going to be than its predecessor. Hopefully your hardware will be up to the task. Head over to Origin tomorrow to test out the game. Don’t wait long to order it, though; when you pre-order FIFA 15, you save money and time and you get to look forward to playing the game on September 23rd when it is released! That’s a lot more fun than waiting in line, and you get to enjoy all the awesome pre-order bonuses!


The winner will be notified via email on September 23rd. One entry per person.