In my first week of college I was assigned an essay in which I had to simply describe a package. Without thinking too hard about it, I decided on a video game box. However, instead of simply giving away the title of the game, I made it so that my teacher would have to guess what game I had in mind based on the cover. I discovered two things: I can describe the cover of a video game box pretty well, and second, college English teachers don't know games very well. He guessed Resident Evil, which I will give him credit for even knowing such a title exists. I'm sure that after reading my description many, if not all of you can easily guess the game, and I can say, it sounds nothing like Resident Evil. Here's the essay:   

A rectangular box holds most material items; the television in a family room, a microwave in a kitchen, the computer that is the physical manifestation of a college student's life. All these items came in a box, but none of them mean as much to me as the box that holds my favorite video game.

It looks much like a DVD case with about the same dimensions, approximately five by seven inches. Without the cover sleeve, the whole package would be black, except years of sun exposure has faded the coloring to a dark gray, making the box seem older than it actually is, about eight years. With all items included, game, manual, and cover the whole package still weighs much less than a pound. The plastic sleeve that wraps around most of the box and holds the cover in place has a few imperfections. It looks as if someone tried to dig their finger nail into the front plastic sheeting, while sprinkling a sparse amount of dirt around the back cover. Outside of those few flaws, the box still opens and closes perfectly and could be sold under the "Like New" condition option on Amazon. 

Moving on to the cover itself, and starting at the front, a blocky white letter design marks the game as being compatible for the PlayStation 2. The game's title is both navy blue and gold and is written in what looks like ancient flowing text with a sharp taper to each letter. A large "T" designates the games content as being for a teen audience, most likely because of the "blood, suggestive themes, and violence" as reported by the ESRB on the back cover. The bottom right side of the front cover is taken up by a purple and white swirl, the logo for the Canadian based game producer Ubisoft. An early motto for the game adorns the back cover and bulleted statements explain the mechanics for time manipulation.

Time powers should be a dead give away, at least for everyone but my teacher

In the way of pictures and illustrations, a desperate and bloodied warrior with a piercing gaze defies gravity by running along a wall with his sword drawn. Reflected in the blade is an approaching monster, claws outstretched to ensnare the warrior. Other screenshots are arranged in a type of collage on the back cover; showing the same warrior defending against other undead creatures, while accomplishing death defying acrobatics.

Now that I've described the box, can you guess the game?

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