Already 2011 is looking to have a lot of great games coming out, it could possibly even be the greatest year in gaming history. I know that people said the same thing about 2010, and 2009, and so on, but maybe this just shows how the quality of games as immersive and fun just keeps going up. But now I have to ask the question: Is there such thing as too many good games?

        At first sight of this question my answer would be a quick no. But, after some consideration I'm starting to think that just maybe yes, it is possible. I am one of those people that cant  stand a great game being out and not owning it. I am almost willing to go bankrupt to buy a game that I want. My problem isn't so much as how will I have time to play all the great games out there (though I wont with sports, school, and friends eating upt my time), the problem is how will I be able to afford them?

       In the past, I would never have even considered getting my games through Gamefly. I like to keep the games that have enjoyed immensley,  even if I know I will most likely never play it again. But, as I already begin to ration myself at the mall and with buying food, I have been forced to consider renting my games. My cousin uses Gamefly, and consistently tries to persuade me to use it as it is a highly efficient way of saving money, but I still dont like the idea of giving my beloved games away. Owning all the systems (except for a good PC I really want Amnesia) now doesnt help either, because now my selection of games is huge and demanding. I am already feeling anxiety over the coming year, I will have enough trouble alone in January and February.

     So, going back to my previous question: Is there such thing as too many good games? I feel my answer has to be no, because I cant bring myself to wish for less good games, which would be an insane thing to ask for. But that does not solve my problem on how I will be able to experience all the great games coming out, but I feel I wil somehow find a way, as I always have. Am I the only one currently stressing over the coming year, or are there others that share my worries? Please let me know, and please tell me how you are planning on handling all the great games that will be released in 2011.