What is it about video games and the emotions they bring out of us?  How is it, that after 15 years my brothers and I still tell stories of the times we had playing Tecmo Bowl all night?   I can think of some of the characters from various video games that as a child seemed to inspire me to be something bigger than what I was.  It is almost as if the games themselves become seasons of our lives and transcend our expectations of being solely entertained.

 I can think of people, places, friends, and relationships all of which I can tie to various video games and video game systems.  For example, my 5th grade teacher always had an Atari in the classroom, and if the recess was declared to be indoors, it was a mad dash to get to a controller.  I often times think of a game and then reflect on how times have changed for me personally as well as others that shared with me in  the gaming experience.  I suppose playing a game with someone is much like having a drink with them.  Enjoy your video games and enjoy the company of those who choose to share that "drink" with you.