As apart of a series of blogging I'm doing. The series intention is to convey my ideas of some dream concepts of mine (that one day I hope to make into a reality) for video games. I aim to make sure each idea has a new innovative concept yet to implemented into a specific genre or the entire industry. This week I'm focusing on a game I can't describe in one genre.

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What is Lawless?

Lawless is a first person sandbox survival/adventure/role playing shooter that takes the monster design of Lost Planet, The Parkour of Mirrors edge, the grittiness of the upcoming Farcry 3, while still maintaining some feel of a mercenary fresh off Pandora from Borderlands. And its out to create a story about the space frontier.


The year is 2440, you play as a amateur mercenary name Casey who gets in over her head when she arrives on a frontier planet called Septa.  What starts out as a promise of a contract with the SALCON corporation turns into a three way fight between SALCON (who want to practically enslave the colonists), Raiders, the Colonists, and Casey is stuck in the middle while dealing with Septa's local wildlife.

At one point in the story Casey will have to decide if she sides with SALCON (who can guarantee her a ride off the rock when the jobs over) or the Colonists (where everything is uncertain.) I was considering the possibility the raiders might also be a viable option but story wise it didn't fit at all.

Throughout Casey's time on Septa she will see horrid things done to people, the wildlife swallowing entire towns and even SALCON might come after her. And there's no established law on Septa from stopping any of the cruelties between fellow human beings shows how far away from civilization with any sense of sanity she is.


If anything at E3 intrigued me it was the presentations of both Farcry 3 and Prey 2. 

Farcry having always been a sandbox shooter (and will continue to be) I was amazed at how the stage demo gave a sense of true urgency and even a small dose of horror having been a sandbox shooter (which PREACH repetition) while also being so colorful.

Then there was Prey 2, as if the premise of bounty hunting criminal alien scum off the streets isn't cool enough. Running and jumping in Prey 2 looks to be a blast on it's own because honestly who isn't a fan of Free Running?

In Lawless, Casey will spend a lot of her time in the brush of alien jungles and forests. She'll be able to climb trees, hop between them and even hang from a branch upside down to perform stealth kills on patrols. Stealth will be key to survival in most situations because one the guns go off you'll be in for one hell of a firefight. Think the intensity of a typical shootout in Metro 2033 only the guns are going off a lot more often, like Call of Duty level.

Like many recent games, the actions Casey does will affect the outcome of the story. Killing a leader of the colonist resistance forces will make it harder for the colonist to survive against the raiders. Killing off a whole gang of Raiders will make the other gangs stronger (typical) and attacking hives of the local wildlife will make future encounters with them in less numbers however they might be more aggressive and dangerous.

The Akrid in Lost Planet 2 do well to strut their stuff and present themselves as something you'd want to avoid if possible. And the dense jungles of Lost Planet 2's early missions were full of atmosphere and I have no problem going back in anytime.

The Goal

Bringing forth a new but familiar world to Gamers. Lawless would set out to be at least 20-30 hour long campaign with enough replay value for one of two return trips to Septa and the near-insane inhabitants that dwell on it. With Sandbox gameplay and multiple endings along with a dynamic world that will designed to keep players always on their feet. Lawless could set out to do just that.