As apart of a series of blogging I'm doing. The series intention is to convey my ideas of some dream concepts of mine (that one day I hope to make into a reality) for video games. I aim to make sure each idea has a new innovative concept yet to implemented into a specific genre or the entire industry. This week I'm focusing on one of my RPG concepts.

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What is The Trials of Valor?

Trials of Valor is an RPG with a blend of influences from both Western and Japanese design. It will also strongly emphasize on story/main quest and a dynamic open-world experience. It would also include a squad-based combat system that adapts elements from tactical shooters.



You can either get yourself something to drink (it is lengthy) or skip to the bottom for a TL;DR version of the plot. Also there are a lot of made-up words as well.


The world of Soni is full of bizarre creatures unlike anything from Norse mythology (this is the JRPG influence part of it). And the sentient race that calls this place home is a species known as the Voskidir [Vaus-skih-deer].  The Voskidir consists of nearly twenty different races all with similar genetic makeup except for their physical appearance that ranges from ocean dwellers, bipedal ground roamers, and others that take to the sky.


From since the Voskidir could remember they lived on the Island (or small continent) called Barcon. When certain castes of the Voskidir began to colonize other lands things began to change. 


South of Barcon there is a massive island called Valnaia. A white and black fortress rests in the middle of the continent and is believed to have been built by angels. The inner workings of the fortress are known to operate the a system known as Guardianship; where one individual of a sentient race to appear on Soni is given much power and immortality from age. What they do with it is their own choosing but it’s tradition that the Guardian leads their people.


Before anyone realized it, the castes that colonized out began to differ from the rest of the Voskidir. Before long they soon lost the ability to interbreed and from that formed four new species: Scaron, Zyzeti, Hakoro, and Humans. The bestowment of Guardians for these new races was the final proof that the ties between them had washed away.


Scaron are dragon-like reptiles that have four legs and two arms, which they stand in a bipedal fashion. They stand usually at eight feet high. Their Guardian is known as Mangasa [Mahn-gah-sa]

Zyzeti are reptiles that resemble sharks with four legs and aqua-green scales. They can breathe both above and underwater. They are typically ten to twelve feet long and are proportionally as big. Their guardian is called Arinfay.

Hakoro are winged humanoids that have membrane-like skin, feet like a predatory bird, and the closest thing that could describe their head is vaguely that of a fox. Their guardians name is Nartex.

One other species called the Irodaunask exists, but they’re a long story.

Humans reside on the lower continent their empire is called Challin’. Gallax was the only guardian who passed on asserting themselves as the leader of their species and instead founded an orphanage on an island called Zacrioy [Zah-cry-oi]

Soni is split into two regions. Lecktin lies to the west and in it lies the islands of the Scaron (Cateversk) Zyzeti (Dakar) the Hakoro (Navacon) Zacrioy, and Challin’. To the east is the Vortie [Vorr-tye] region, which holds the islands of Barcon, and Valnaia.

The Voskidir were terrified of this outcome fearing the new races would become so different from them that they might see each other possessing land that they want and forget the peace they used to have. 


Tensions rose for a long time, the Guardian of the Voskidir (Halasfar) has been quiet for far too long and it’s leading many to assume he’s up to something.


One night, Halasfar came and attacked Zacrioy. Burning everything to the ground, he killed Gallax and every orphan. All but one, this is your character. 


From here your character finds Gallax barely alive and his last words tell him/her to go to his sanctuary. From there you find Gallax left a note letting you know he had been fearing this day for a long time and he knew you’d be the one to take on this quest.


Over the events of the game, your character will unite the Scaron, Zyzeti, Hakoro, and Humans together to fight against Halasfar and the Voskidir. You gather allies by your side each with their own background level of importance. This ties into the game play aspects.


yeah I knew what you were thinking.

TL;DR Version

World is called Soni, has a very fantasy/medieval/steam punk/slight JRPG design influence to it. Multiple races split off from a larger conglomerate of species. Tensions are rising, you play as an orphan who’s out to unite many of the species under one alliance and fight against the soon-inevitable war.


Game Play

Soni is a cluster of large islands that aren’t quite continents. Removing the aspect of dragged out voyages over the bodies of water. Traveling between landmasses would only be separated by the time it takes to load them. But besides that, the game would aim to be open-world likely with the linear style present in Fallout: New Vegas.


Element One: Dynamic World

The war that will break out in Soni will surely leave it’s scars. Later in the game if you head to the human capital of Challin’ you may find that many workers are constructing an outer wall to the city. 


If you head back to Zacrioy you’ll find the majority of the forest is burned down. Come back even later and you’ll find the wildlife has recaptured the ash field with young trees, tall grass, and field roaming creatures.



Element Two: Combat System

This is a squad based combat in the sense that it’s a tactical squad based 3rd person shooter. You control your party through a wheel of commands able to be used on the fly.


 Part of this system goes into the progression. Each character has a list of special abilities that can be unlocked through a tier-tree fashion as seen in many MMO’s and Borderlands. These skills coincide with the commands you can give your squad.



You take along your two stealth-capable teammates. Issuing a command to go quiet will cause them to crouch down and spread out. From here you can choose to have them kill on sight or wait till your command. Marking them targets and them choosing one on your own will allow you to kill off whole groups of enemies quickly and quietly.

Overall, expect the core game mechanics to feel like something along the lines of Hunted: The Demons Forge is looking up to be.


 Equipment will be more streamlined to reduce clunky game play. In the Final Fantasy 13 fashion, you will be able to change the weapon used by your party members as well as adding a couple of accessory items to give them other bonuses.



The Goal

The Trials of Valor would introduce gamers to a new fantasy realm that blends great elements from both WRPGs and JRPGs with hints of steam punk. Touting a combat system that can be both tactical and fun while boasting a strong main quest that sends players across the world of Soni and back and finishing strong with a boss battle that would aim to stand side-by-side with Ganon in Ocarina of Time.


 Note: most of the stuff I’ve written on this story has been worked on ever since my original inspiration from Ocarina of Time. Since then I’ve been working on branching as far away from being a Zelda clone (with some elements remaining) while creating a crazy-but-believable universe that relies on the otherworldly as much as it does science. I actually have two posters of Soni showing Lecktin and Vortie that I made when I was like 13, I made a card game out of it I used to play with my friends, along with so many documents I’ve held onto for when I eventually write my novel of it.