The year was 2009.  The day was pretty much your average crappy weather day.  And I had just finished the best match of Halo 3 ever.  I lost by a large margin, and I never scored any points, but I was too high on victory to care.  This is proof that winning isn't everything.

Over the course of February, my favorite playlist was Big Team Social (8 vs 8), and I played it without a care in the world.  The least I'd play is maybe eight matches a day, which, needless to say, is a lot.  However, one day I came across a game of One Bomb on Sandtrap.  I hated One Bomb because every time I played, no one on my team seemed to get the point of teamwork, and so naturally, the other team would step all over us.  The veto ratio was 8 of 16, and apparently somebody on my team got butthurt that it didn't go over, and disconnected shortly afterwards.

7 vs 8 now.  Lovely...

Right after we began, I grabbed the bomb, only for the jerk behind me to punch me and shoot me down.  Naturally, I booted the TKer and his party of 1.  Now it was 5 vs 8, and I was a bit worked up about it.  I hoped that maybe now we could organize and wipe out the opposition.  Unfortunately, the other team was very well-coordinated, and wiped out everyone (including me) repeatedly.  I don't think that the bomb ever left the shelter after it reset, even.  A couple others got upset and left as well.

3 vs 8, and I was ticked.

The round ended, and we never got a point.  Next up: the team of 8 against our dinky little threesome.  I don't think I need to describe what happened next.  To put it in short, we got trounced, and yet another person quit.  I only had one other person to help me out.  However, apparently someone on the opposing side got bored and left as well.

2 vs 7.  Depressing odds, if I do say so myself.

It was our turn to deliver the bomb, but after about a minute of attempting to get out only to be sniped, we just left the thing alone.  It was like a taboo, and we just gave up and tried killing the other team off repeatedly.  But when there was about 30 seconds left in the round, my partner quit on me.  The round ended shortly afterwards

1 vs 7, left to fend for myself against seven brutish, elite players.  No, things did not look good for me.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, "How is this epic when you're just losing?"  Well, it's my pleasure to inform you that this is when things got good.  Real good :-)


It was my turn to defend the base from these seven thugs, and without anyone to kill me for a weapon, I grabbed a Spartan Laser and dug in.  On my own, I managed to repel at least four or five of them at the start.  After a failed Mongoose attempt, I tried jacking it, only to end up on the passenger seat with the guy driving off.  After punching him several times and escaping, I got back to base and reset the newly planted bomb.  Unfortunately, I was run over by a chopper shortly afterwards, thus ending my spree.  

I grabbed my laser again and intercepted the bomb in the middle of the map.  Using a combination of a bubble shield and grenades, I kept the attackers at bay until it reset again!  Then the very same chopper somehow ran me over again, and I ended up back at the base (not a bad thing though!).  There wasn't enough time to re-plant the bomb and blow it up, or so I thought...

Right as I began my victory celebration (AKA killing myself with grenades at my feet), it became sudden death.  I had no shields, and more dudes were coming at me fast.  Using a nearby idle warthog as cover from gunfire, I shot down the incoming vehicles.  And then it was time for my victory celebration, which I didn't finish because the chopper from before came back and killed me right as time ran out.  How I never got him, I may never know.

Afterwards, it was my turn to take the bomb to the base, but that ended up in disaster, so I grabbed a sniper rifle and just killed everyone.  Not nearly as interesting as the last round, though I did rack up a high amount of kills vs. deaths for once.


The moral of this story: never quit a multiplayer match just because you're losing.  Things can change in a heartbeat, and when you least expect it, a comeback can ensue in no time flat.


And that concludes the epic Halo match that will live on in my head for a long time to come.  I did save a clip of the round though, fortunately, so it'll never be forgotten.  

If you want to hear more Halo stories like these, let me know.  I have dozens of these types of stories to share :-)