Greeting everyone. Welcome to the first blog in what will hopefully be a long series, and not a one shot deal where I never write anything again while telling everyone I will. (forebode) Seeing as this is a blog, this will be filled with my thoughts and musing. Everything I write will be highly opinionated. I welcome any and all view points down in the comments, just keep it nice and clean. *cracks knuckles* Now, with out any further ado lest get started shall we?

Now-a-days it seems like every print media from newspapers to magazines, our beloved Game Informer included, and comics are switching to digital versions. Why are they doing this? The answer should be simply right? Convenience and cost efficiency are what spring immediately to mind. Without a doubt they are major reasons for the shift, but I'm going to propose another reason for this. What if by chance another reason is because they can not sell their product? What if their readership is down for a lack of appealing content? I feel these are questions that should be asked and I believe hold some ounce of truth. These companies need to cut cost can directly be linked to a lack of readership. If they aren't getting as much money as they used to, then of course they would need to cut cost.

Newspapers are a perfect example. We all know that their number of readers is down, with good reason. Why pay for your news when you can simply get it from the internet without you having to break open you piggy bank.

(This is actually what newspaper publishers are doing)

Newspapers are dieing and they shall not be missed. Still, let us have a moment of silence for them..... Okay that's enough. Five periods is enough for their ilk.

As for magazines and comics I hold their lack of fun, interesting, or stimulating content. Game Informer has a hook to bring in print subscribers with their fancy cover art. What do other magazines have though? Nothing. Their covers are awash in words to try and pull you in and that hold as much depth as their articles. It's no wonder no one wants them cluttering up their house. Still, while ugly, at least they are better to look at than read. Don't really have anything to say about content in magazines.

(Newspapers still beat out magazines for their other uses)


So, print magazines are dieing too, slower than newspapers, but they still are.While there are ones we hope never go out of print, Game Informer for instance, the majority are fine going digital. I should be honest that everything up to this point was all pretense for my main topic. Comic books. Let's face it, that's the only reason anyone made it this far and waded through all the boring talk of magazines and newspapers. Who cares about that stuff!

There is so much I could say. I should save some of it for my other blog post. At the cost of restating myself at a later date I will speak on this subject some though. Lack of interesting, funny, or stimulating content, the sense of staleness that pervades the industry. I could go on. Batman, Superman, the whole gallery of DC and Marvel Heroes, how long have they been around? To long if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I like them as much as anyone else, but everything must come to an end. Instead though, it gets drawn out year after year. The characters milked of every last penny that they can make for their owners. Unfitting for such iconic characters if you ask me. They try to bring in new story lines, massive story arcs that change the whole universe. It's the same each time though, same as the last one, same as the one before that, even the same as the one two years from now. Something needs to change, otherwise the industry will continue to shrink.


Well, that's it for now. I hope it's not too bad for a first attempt. Maybe I gave you all something to think about. Feel free to comment and tell me how bad this is.



Until next time, adieu.



"....Suddenly, a spark arced across the void. The machine whirred and clicked to life as gears and cogs that long lay dormant began to turn. Faster and faster they turned as electricity crackled and danced in the void, illuminating the vast darkness...."