Hey! It's nearly Friday, and I've finally caught up on life again, so I found myself able to sit down in front of the computer and write to all you folks out there on teh interwebz. And with that, I say hello! (For the record, I am from Texas, but don't speak with a southern accent)


The first thing I want to say that it doesn't come across the wrong way, is a large thank you to Saint, and all of my good friends and fellows here at GIO, for the Member Herding and reception. It meant a lot to me, and I felt bad that life got in the way of me making heartfelt responses to those who would have appreciated it. As such, I comment here that the opportunity was a satisfying one, a rewarding one, and I'm glad to still be here to share my thoughts and experiences.



Speaking of experiences! I have had a tsunami of a week. Last weekend I took tests for both the SAT and the ACT on Saturday, had a dinner date with my girlfriend and two other couples the same night for Winter Formal, then woke up at 7 Sunday morning to go to church, rehearse with the Lonestar Youth Dallas Symphony, and then go to Dallas to watch the Lonestar Wind Symphony perform music by John Williams (A.K.A - STAR WARS CONCERT).



That, in addition to rehearsing and participating in the Texas State-Area band performance Wednesday through Friday night, created a fast paced week that led to me suffering this week. The reason of my absence has been me catching up on lack of time, sleep, and homework. Not until today did I finally finish my projects, flash cards, and make-up notes.


There have been a few things that I've been doing in my very spare time to keep myself sane - in reality I do these things while I'm still working on stuff, so I never truly have free time, haha. For one, I've been listening to tons of jazz and classical music. It's my stint right now, and I'd love to share with you guys if you're interested. In fact, I'll just leave some for you guys right here...



(I don't care if you listen to the first one or not, even though it's great. This song is FANTASTIC, and you would be doing your ears sever injustice by not listening. Song starts around :25 seconds in. Go ahead. Do it.)



In addition, I beat my first boss in Mega Man X on my phone's emulator! So that's my gaming achievement of the week. Keep in mind, defeating a boss in Mega Man is really hard on a touchscreen >.<


I guess, at the end of it all, having so much hard work ends up for the better. I was one of the winners for the Skulls of the Shogun contest (Thank you very much Ben, if you're reading this!), and I've got it downloading right now. So, I'll have to play it the near-future. I'm really excited for it! I love Arcade games, and the best part about this one is being able to cross-play it on my Windows Phone, which is going to be awesome to try out.


Not to mention, XCOM has gotten me really interested in turn-based strategy games. Shogun is just icing on the cake, and I'm also really interested in Fire Emblem: Awakening for whenever I got a 3DS.



You can probably notice I'm rambling, and that's true, but that's essentially because I didn't want to commit to some serious topic. Sharing thoughts with you all is half the experience of blogging, so that's what was planned. If you guys want to leave some conversation, it's more than welcome. I will do my best to respond. Perhaps somebody would like to talk about BlackBerry 10's official announcement?



That's all! I look forward to still talking, being around, and checkin' in on blogs that you guys write. It's fun to participate in the community (Although I'm still waiting on Mojo's invitation to his podcast >.>).



Later guys,


~ GoldvsSilver