Hey guys, long time no write, no?

It’s been a long time, since I’ve made myself sit down, close out other pressing matters, and focus on doing the thing that I love – writing. Well, that and music. Oh, and gaming, of course. For those who recognize me, yay! Hello fellows. For those who don’t recognize me, as I’ve seen a new influx of members join the blogging section, a formal introduction can be saved for another time.

What I’ve sat down tonight to mull over with you all is the tendency for people with an interest in gaming to have their tastes expedite change from one thing to another. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and one without an answer, other than the generality that the common individual is often in the mood for varying experiences – Variety is the spice of life, after all.

The topic has grown, dwindled, and edged into my mind frame due to the fact that my entire gaming habits have flipped on their side. Instead of renting the next console game, blasting through it in a week, then sending it back to Gamefly in hopes of the next star player, I’ve evolved in a way that instead allows for minimal time investment.

Due to my obligations with school and the developmental career that is music performance, I often have little time any more to sit down and do everything that I’d like to in one night. Time and time again, I’ll find myself getting home, doing my homework, and then finding enough precious seconds in an hour to squeeze in a bit of gaming. Even this last week was a struggle for that, though.

As a result, I’ve eased more and more into the avenue of opportunity that is mobile gaming. Now more so than ever, mobile gaming is closing the gap between it and consoles. In some ways, between it and PCs.



I’ve gotten myself a brand new Windows Phone. With it, I’ve managed to download some cool games, including the casual mobile classics: Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Doodle Jump, Contre Jour, and Where’s My Water. Those are all fine and all. In fact, they’re a blessing. These mobile games allow for me to sit down for 20 minutes, get a new high score, solve another puzzle, nab a new achievement – and that’s great. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I didn’t have those short pick-out-and-play downloadable titles.

Mobile gaming has also shown off the most intensive of what it has to offer. The leader of this side of the bunch being Gameloft. iOS and Android have been fortunate enough to have Gameloft’s showcase games for a while now – these include NOVA 3, Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 7, and various others. These, along with Order and Chaos Online, Batman, and The Amazing Spider-Man are also along the way to Windows Phone. It’ll be great to have a console-like game on the go, for me to be able to be out wherever I am, and scratch that triple-A quality itch.



These games and what I have to say about mobile gaming can all be delved on in a later composition. The last of what seems to be amazing opportunity through mobile gaming is the advent of emulators. I know iOS doesn’t have this, but Android consumers are more than used to this, and with more intensive emulators as well, like a Nintendo 64 app.

With Windows Phone, I’ve found three emulators: one for NES, Gameboy, and SNES. Upon finding out the existence of the Super Nintendo one, I grabbed it up in a heartbeat. With this, is where I foresee the majority of my gaming time being spent for the rest of the school year. Starting up Chrono Trigger again, trying out Mega Man X for the first time, and playing Final Fantasy II and III are all up on my must-play list. These, more than all of the other games and apps that will be available in the coming future for Windows Phone, are what have me drooling over the future.



For those times when I have to feed more than a retro or bite-sized hunger, I have moved into PC gaming once again.

It’s my pride and joy to have a laptop that I personally chose and paid for. It’s efficient enough to work around, but powerful enough to hang tight with the best of what PC has to offer for another 2 years, at least.

Due to the Holiday Steam Sale and THQ Humble Bundle, I’m set on core games for a while. Playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution is tense, strategizing in XCOM is challenging and rewarding, and breathing fire on a tiger motorcycle in Saints Row The Third is hilarious. I’m set for a while, and I haven’t even got to try out Darksiders and Metro yet.

These PC games, along with the impending potential of mobile gaming allowing me to play more, and play harder, are all switching me from the traditional console gaming set-up.


In finality, I guess this was a venting blog – something for me to write, get me started, and express what I’ve been interested in for a while. Thanks for reading, if you were kind enough to go all the way through.



Yours truly,