Hopefully the obvious Portal reference caught a couple of you guys' attention. But the statement is slightly more than that, much to your reading pleasure.


In my mind, I've been absent from Gameinformer Online for more than could be considered a 'temporary absence' - The term I'd use would be more around, "Missing In Action". Here I am again, nearing the end of October, with my last major effort to be present recorded in July, right after I finished my 30/30 challenge. I figured it'd be nice to take a break from the writing, catch up on some games, and in the midst of it all, unfortunately, life caught up to me.


Within a month and a half's time, I said goodbye to the glorious lazy days of early summer, and hello to the months of high school marching band, all-day rehearsals, and the start of all AP classes. To say the least, my schedule has been packed. All other time that I may have had to spare, from 7 PM to 10 PM each day, was devoted to eating, homework, and minimal care in the world of Minecraft. Beyond that, it was sleep, school, marching band - for weekends, marching contests on Saturday, and church events on Sunday.


On the upside, the focus I've had to put in to my life has paid off enormously (imagine that), rewarding me with the acceptance into the National Honors Society, straight 'A' grades, top 10% class rank, and the peak of my performing ability on the trombone so far (latest achievement has been acceptance into the Lonestar Youth Orchestra).



However, what does that mean for my digital life? Well, not very much - Since September 18, my Minecraft kingdom of Mombasa has since been abandoned, and I've rooted home on Pandora in Borderlands 2. What little time I've had has been spent there, and to show my progress I have a level 42 Siren character, and other characters are level 15 or below. The community aspect of Gameinformer, I was pretty much required to abandon. No Twitter use, no blogs (except for the occasional monthly one), and absence from Skype.


Thankfully, marching band is coming to a close, and by some strange miracle my schedule has arranged itself in a way so that I'll get home at 4 o' clock for four days of every week. If there's ever been a time to say Hallelujah, this is it. I'll be able to jump back in, catch up, and reestablish a place amongst you dear fellow community members.



For the newer guys who I haven't had the chance to say hi to, it wouldn't hurt to introduce you to me. For the familiars, a casual greeting wouldn't do ya' pain, either. I'll attempt to be more active, hold more in conversations, and answer messages.


Oh, and just in case, here's a small re-re-introduction:


My real name is Alex, and I'm a dedicated Junior in high school. I take pride in the ability to say that I'm the twelfth-best high school trombone player in the state of Texas, and I aim to make it as an All-State member this year. I get along with people well, and if you want to send a message I will congenially reply to you, and offer what could be the kindles of a new anonymous friendship.


Main interests are of course, video games, then music, tech third, and other media areas follow. Favorite games are the Halo series, the Borderlands series, Final Fantasy (7, 12, 13) and Ratchet & Clank. Favorite music would be in the realm of alternative rock, rave, and orchestral. I enjoy music with substance much more than I do the majority of what reaches radio airwaves today - favorite bands would be Muse, Red, Streetlight Manifesto, The Eagles, Thousand Foot Krutch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snarky Puppy, and the Glitch Mob (a DJ).


My primary aim for later in life is to become a media journalist, given that writing is my strongest academic subject. Double Majoring in music performance or education would be a good second route, and last hope would be to become a video game developer.


... That's the shortest intro I've ever written here. In which case: enjoy it. 


So, once again, a warm hello to all of you out there, from a member who isn't new but may seem so to the wave of people I have not met before. Oh, Vivi and Spider-Man are awesome.



~ GoldvsSilver