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                It's that time again... After taking an unexpected break, the Gameinformer Welcome Group has returned with new nominations. With this installment, comes the much-needed reminder that the GIOWG still exists, and needs all the help it can get from fellow members and supporters. Just visit the group's page, and join!

                Before going any further, one thing that should be made clear is that there is no defined "leader" of this group. It was born through fire and flames, out of teamwork and camaraderie, to help give a little attention to those who may deserve it.

                For all users who get the honor of being nominated, you will receive the honor of posting this badge onto your profile, to show off your dubious achievement:



Full disclaimer: The GIOWG badge was created by PIZZAKING92. This badge has been created by the wonderful Papercamm, a fellow GIOer and artist, who never falls short of a humoring quip. Help support him by visiting his Tumblr page, why don't 'ya?


Now, into the abyss...



 Nominated by Jolt the Cynic:

(A little editor's note: Jolt the Cynic was kind enough to really help get the Welcome Group started back  up after its small absence. He's got some more plans in the works, but a collective decision was made to save them for future isntallments.)

Kate Willaert

                She is relatively new, but aspires to work for GI. Personally, I think she has the chops. She has been commenting on blogs, and she seems incredibly intelligent. It looks like she is waiting on level 5 to start blogging herself (she has two to her name). I hope she writes more, because her comments lead me to believe that she has lots to say.




He isn't really new (level 10) but he is new to the blog section. I like this guy... probably has something to do with him being a fan of GTA. He has 4 blogs under his belt, and I have liked every one of them. I see good things coming from him in the future.


 Seconded by blaze6106

I was going to nominate Ghost as well. I don't really know much about him, but he seems like a great guy and wants to get involved. He also wrote a good GTA blog that was pretty good.




 Nominated by Stranger:


                The only reason he hadn't already been spotlighted by me was I thought he'd already been. Since I started noticing him, he's been keeping the blog section alive amongst other people such as Le Hannibal and Jolt.  His Top 25 lists are great, and his comments are greatly appreciated on blogs. Plus, so long as you give him the jerky he won't have to maim you.




 Nominated by GoldvsSilver:


J Warrior

                This man has already managed to make a name for himself, and like DJH, is already a level 10 on GIO. However, it's not the points that are worth noting, it's the level of visibility that he presents on the site. Warrior has managed to post several blogs that have attracted many people, the best of the bunch being his more recent ones.

                He really caught my attention with the posting of his blog, The Philosophy Behind Bioshock. It's a very deep examination of Ayn Rand's amazing achievement of a book, Atlas Shrugged, and Ken Levine's own masterpiece, Bioshock. I look forward to reading more content from him in the future. 




 Nominated by AshaMan3000:



The guy's been around longer than me, but has recently started blogging and was herded this past week for an excellent one about Hollywood and games.  He's also got really good, (or at least similar to my) taste in TV and games...




                And so, that wraps up this installment of Spotlight Nominations! I think it turned out rather well, and hopefully the group can get the kick start it needs to make this more of a routine event. If any of you guys out there want to pitch in, never fear! It's as easy as visiting the "Newcomer Spotlight Nominations" thread that is Stickied within the Welcome Group's forums.

                The only catch is that you must offer a valid user for nomination, along with a link to their homepage. This makes it easier on everybody to see who it is and go ahead and say hi beforehand. Also, remember to write up a full paragraph at the very least for your nomination. You wouldn't want to see your new buddy all alone and by himself, simply because there was no information for us to use, would you? Also, anybody counts - as long as they're a "new" user. Found someone who is somehow max level, but has managed to sneak by all human interaction? Once again, that user is still available for nomination.


Now, go on and give all these guys a warm Gameinformer welcome!