The killer watched silently from the adjacent rooftop, never averting his dark eyes from Bond. He raised his gloved hand up to the electronic goggles, and took a temporary snapshot of Ben through one of the various windows lining the building. With that, he got up and slinked away, further into the night skyline.


Bouncing from rooftop to rooftop, he glanced at the window, using the x-ray function of his goggles to keep tap's on Ben Bond's location. "This night's gonna' give way to some easy dough", he thought to himself.




"It's so nice to see you again, Ben".


"Lauren!" he exclaimed, "I thought I had heard word of you here".


Lauren gave off the faintest sliver of a smile. "Oh, yes. Did you hear from Stephanie? She's been gone on vacation and..."


Ben stopped paying attention as soon as she got into the kick of her conversation. It was the best he could do to keep his cover, and still act like he could talk to people.


He was at a banquet, celebrating the newly wedded president of Major Corp. Given his lifestyle, seeing this many people all at once was not a  very relaxing event to go through.


"... And so that's why I'm here. All of my girlfriends left me for a cruise. Can you believe it?" Lauren continued on, and on, but Ben did not answer. He was scanning the crowds of tables. "Ben? Hello, Bond? Are you in there?".


Attention snapped back into him. "What? Oh, right. Yeah, that's great news. Glad to hear about it."


"Umm, that wasn't exactly good news."


"It wasn't? Well, it sounded good to my ears". His eyes diverted to a man in a dark, striped blazer with an obviously overpriced corsage professionally placed up on the left of his shoulder. Ben gave a smirk. He himself, was wearing a full tux - bells, whistles, and all - and easily stole a lot of eyes from hopeful women around. He coughed under his breath, "Face recognition. Activate."


"Name: Tim Weiller. Profession: Major Corp. Engineer. Affiliation: Met over three months ago". The earpiece buzzed the words in his right ear. Given how many people were invited to the party, it wasn't too much of an outcry to come prepared.


"Hello!" boomed Tim, his deep voice carrying over the clamor of the surrounding crowd. Lauren looked uncomfortable with man, looming over her. "It's nice to see you here, Bond. And hello," he segued suavely, "who is this fine young lady here?"


"My name is Lauren. Lauren Allen, of California Institute. I'm here precisely only because a friend of mine decided to leave me for a cruise trip. I'm filling in for her". She offered her petite hand, and Tim grasped it firmly in his own, adding a definite shake of the wrist.


"Well, it seems that I'm the lucky man for the night, because you are a shining star among these crowds".


Lauren gave off a quiet, unsettled giggle. "Why, thank you", she coyed, "I must be the lucky woman."


Bond continued to scan the crowd, but to no avail. The target was still unseen at this point. "Listen," he called to the two flirtatious party-goers in front him, "how about I leave you two alone. I've got a bit more business to handle with some other... Associates". Before they could even protest, he had turned and stepped away and merged into the masses.