Hey all!

Guess who's finally back... That's right! The Gameinformer Welcome Group is finally ready to announce it's first wave of community members in the spotlight.

One thing we would like to start doing, is that for each spotlighted member, we get to give them a badge to post on their profile page. Here it is, in all of it's glory:



Note, this badge has been created by PaperCamm, a talented artist who pridefully resides among the Gameinformer community. Please thank him for his contribution as we shout him out today! If you want to support him and his work further, give him a visit at his Tumblr page!

Furthermore, to any spotlighted members, feel free to copy the above badge, and wear it proudly!

Now let's get into it, shall we?




Nominated by Mojomonkey12: 


GIO user AshaMan3000 first caught my attention with his (?) blog titled “My 10 Favorite GI usernames…” noticeably absent from this list was a certain user, but we won’t dwell on that…much.  Kidding aside, the list was a decent one.  I started seeing some comments from this person and then I finally went to his (I’m going with that based on the MAN part of the username) profile.  I found out a few things:

AshaMan3000 has written 5 blogs up to this point, though it looks like the first level 5 and up one was the aforementioned piece.  I learned that he plays multiple games at once, where as I can barely focus on one at a time.  Not much information is entered in the biography as of yet, but I’m hopeful this will shame him into fleshing it out.  He’s had several consoles going all the way back to the Commodore 64.  Has some great taste in games listing the Final Fantasy (suppose it could be Fatal Frame or Frank’s Falafel) series, Xenogears, Bioshock and others as his favorites.  He doesn’t appear to be a huge fan of MMO games though.  Of course you can learn a lot by a person’s taste in entertainment, so listing Zeppelin, David Bowie, Dazed and Confused, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, etc. in his favorites list really caught my attention.


Poor AshaMan has spent time as a restaurant manager, which can be a brutal job, I can attest to this, though it seems lately he has gotten a break and made the transition to a Department manager at a grocery store. This will be much better in the long run.  In addition to gaming, he enjoys skiing (both kinds), reading and fishing and of course cooking.  He has a healthy amount of platinum trophies, and now that his internet is better, he feels he will be adding to that number soon.


AshaMan has already made friends with several GIOers, but if you aren’t on his list yet, please send him a request and welcome him to the greatest community this side of Andromeda! Welcome AshaMan3000!




Nominated by Stranger:

Le Hannibal

My first choice for spotlighting is Le Hannibal. He's a fairly new user but has already put out quite a few stellar blogs and comments. He made it into my radar with a blog response to a blog of my own, he did really well with it. According to his profile, he has amazing taste in games, everything from Pokemon and Zelda to Halo and Mass Effect. He is also apparently a professional mustache grower, sounds like a great career to be in. :P Go read some of his stuff if you haven't already!




Jonathan Barnes

My other choice is Jonathan Barnes. He hasn't seemed to have much interaction with the community, but he has posted some exemplary reviews (Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Singularity, Alpha Protocol, Bastion, and Enslaved: Odyssey To The West). Wish him a welcome on his profile, and feel free to check out his reviews if you'd like to know more about these games. Also, he loves 80's rock and grunge, so he has to be awesome.





Nominated by GoldvsSilver:



The first community member I would like to feature is OneArmedWonder. He was first brushed over to me by wind of Steve, who was kind enough to have talked to Wonder previously and recommend him. All thanks to you, Steve! Wonder is aptly named, as his title describes exactly who he is as a gamer. This kid has gone through a lifetime of overcoming new challenges and obstacles in both reality and our more familiar reality of video games.


Such achievements he has surpassed have been completing Skyward Sword, playing First-Person Shooters, staying toe-to-toe with his brother, and figuring out how to play games on the Wii. If that isn’t a devotion to gaming, I don’t know what is.


His favorite games are RPG’s, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and The World Ends With You. I can’t describe how much respect I have towards this guy, and keep an eye out for him in the future!





Another guy, who has come onto the Gameinformer scene in a big way, is none other than Jolt. Many of you may recognize his name by reading a lot of his recent blogs. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s managed to pump out quite a few in the past week or so. Not to mention, he’s blogging on an Android phone half of the time. Gotta give him some credit for that.


Inexplicably, he has some form of jealousy targeted at the illusive Batman, in which you can read from one of our buddy’s blogs. Also starting out in gaming as early as the Atari, he has stuck through with his passion throughout the years. One interesting tidbit is that he only just recently transitioned into the current-gen PS3, having stuck with the Playstation 2 until 2010. Jolt is a cool dude, so pay attention to him whenever you find the time!





I'm sure some of you may remember how we initially started with the ambition of doing this weekly, but as it turns out that may have been a little too ambitious. Time and coordination is involved when doing this, and as a result, we have come up with the idea of opening up to the entire community for spotlight suggestions. You can find the "Newcomer Spotlight Nominations" thread within the Welcome Group forums.

There are a few prerequisites required when posting a nomination in the thread, however. First, please state the user's name along with their homepage URL in order to be verified and whatnot. While completely subjective, the member has to be considered a "newcomer", or someone who may not be particularly well-known on the site. Know a level 13 that has managed to completely avoid all social interaction? That works. Finally, please provide a paragraph or more that describes the nominated user, or just do something like above, and we will be able to feature your nomination in future blogs!


Now go on and give all of these guys a warm Gameinformer welcome!