Okay first off sorry about the short blog that i posted that was my first ever post to the main page and i didn't know about how mad people would get at me.

 Well any ways i am a very athletic kid for my age(13) and i have loved football for as long as i could remember. I am an all around kid who can play any position i am put at. My favorite position is kicker and the reason why is cause how good i am at it . i can punt about 45-50 yards and from a tee for kick off is 57.5 yards. Also i have kicked a 46 yard field goal during a game. the reason why i am telling you this is that i want  for people to know how well i do in football and so colleges can start watching me and look at me as a future player for them. the more i try to get their attention the more likley they will consider me as a player. 

The other thing is what are your opinion on who will go to the super bowl next year cause me personally i think it is the Denver broncos and the packers.

Answer these questions too.

How many seasons have you played?

For what teams? 

What positions did you play and did you like that position?

Is This blog long enough?