This is less about gaming than the other things I wrote, so be forewarned now.

Yesterday, Oregon had it's largest snow storm of the year, and if you're in Oregon, you know that people don't know how to handle the snow when it happens. It started snowing like crazy yesterday around 1:30 PM, we all thought it would melt, so we just let it keep coming. Well, it didn't stop, we first received snow, and then rain, then more snow.

I left the office around 3:45 PM, I didn't get home until 7:45 PM. The Traffic was at a standstill everywhere you looked. They closed down freeways because some people don't know how to handle the snow and don't have the tires for it. I fortunately have a Toyota Tacoma with 4 wheel drive.

On top of that, when I told my girlfriend I was home, she told me that she wanted to go on a walk. I told her I didn't want to for the moment because I had just gotten home from my office that is usually a 30 min. drive which turned into a 4 hour one.

Not to mention that I also wanted to kill the infected, fight off terrorists, Assassinate evil, Slay Dragons, and do anything else that I had planned for those 4 hours.

Now I'm back at work because the snow would not stick and I got cheated out of 4 hourse.

Sorry everyone, I just had to let that out because everyone knows it's frustrating when things like that happen.