Like many people before me, my Xbox 360 has stopped reading discs......I'm very angry with Microsoft. Some people support Microsoft as much as possible, but we'll see how they feel after something terrible happens to them.

1.Red Ring of Death, for a long time, the only next generation system I owned was an Xbox 360.  This seemed like the most logical choice since I was a hardcore gamer looking for a system to grant my wishes at a manageable price point.

For at least 1 year my 360 did exactly what it was supposed to. I payed $50 a year to play online with friends while  continuing to play all of my regular console games and occasionally buying an XBLA game. Then in July of 2008 Xbox 360 rrod......simply said I was upset, but Microsoft had an awesome warranty plan in which they would pay all of your shipping and handling fees and fix your xbox free of charge. My Xbox came back to me 3 weeks later and I was happy again.

1 year and 4 months after that, as of tonight, my 360 is no longer reading discs and my warranty is no longer in effect. To send this into Microsoft to have this fixed, it will cost me at least $99.99. This most likely does not include the shipping and handling fees and whatever else may happen while the order is processed.



I have invested $400 into purchasing an Xbox 360, I have invested most likely upwards of $1000 in video games, and video game content. I have been extremely faithful to Microsoft as far as advertising their system and their support group. Now, my Warranty is no longer in tact and it will cost me at least $100 to fix a problem that was your mistake?

It's been over 4 years and this problem is still recurring, even with the release of the Jasper motherboard, you still have excess of a 50% failure rate! So due to the problem, I'm sitting at the crossroads of whether I should spend my money to fix this problem, buy a new Xbox, or just take a sledgehammer to the 360 and spill it's guts all over the Microsoft HQ.

Microsoft anticipated the Red Ring of Death Problem, they decided to use a plastic piece in their hardware that could not survive the extreme heat. I would also be willing to bet that they had anticipated this problem somewhere down the road. So why will they not allow me to send my 360 in to have it fixed?

I am very disappointed. I'll be making my last effort to have this problem fixed tomorrow for a hell of a lot less than $100.


Sorry if there was more ranting in there than needed, but if you've ever had to deal with a hardware fail, I'm sure you understand.