A Victorious Nubbin III Production

The 1980's bore untold and fabulous prizes
One such treasure was the Teen Wolf franchise...s (well, the first part of it at least)

By day you were mild-mannered student Scott Howard
By night you were mild-mannered student Scott Howard... with fangs and hair.

Your father's presence was a godsend for me-uh,
With the lines of Ben Parker and looks of Garcia (Jerry, that is).

The epitome of athleticism, you could do everything,
Except hide the fact that Michael J. Fox's stunt double stood about a foot taller than him and was built like a f***ing TANK by comparison.  (look at those CANNONS!)

The conflict between you and Mick was nearly white-knuckle,
And Style's stupid shirts always gave me a chuckle (okay, that one was a stretch)

Oh Teen Wolf, you voracious dancing machine
When I see you gyrate I just want to scream (like a little girl)

If the world was perfect then I would need sutures,
At the announcement of the project Teen Wolf to the Futures.  (shut up, future is a hard word to rhyme!)

Teen Wolf, I love you...