Alright, Zelda fanfics; fun! xP

Anyway, I'll give everyone the gist of what's going on this story and why I wrote it. I'm personally a big Zelda fan, but not to extent many people are. But I've always been fascinated with the linking of timelines. The only "prologue" given in any Zelda game is in Ocarina of Time, in which you periodically find yourself being retold the story of the three goddesses' creation of Hyrule. I figured I'd take a little chunk of some Zelda games here and there and create a story that offers some solidarity as to the beginnings of Hyrule and the Zelda universe. I wrote it about a year ago as an entry for a contest, but decided to pick it back up again. I spent roughly four hours editing mistakes, revising, removing paradoxes and rewriting. I'm very satisfied with the final product.

What inspired me to rewrite it now of all times, is I've been recently doing very well competitively as Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is the worst character in the game, to the point where he is often regarded as a free win, or joke character. I decided to step up to plate with him being my main and give it my best shot. Over the course of many weeks, I worked my way to the top of a competitive ranking system called the All is Brawl ladder. My performance inspired me to transform this fanfic from a meager contest entry to a legitimate short story. Hope you all enjoy it. :D

At the beginning of time, there were 3 goddesses: Nayru, goddess of wisdom, Din, goddess of power and Farore, goddess of courage. From the start of time, no one knows how these heavenly beings came to be, but they do know they exist. When even the heavens were still young, these 3 goddesses resided aloft the clouds in harmonious bliss, that is, until one day, each of the goddesses became possessed by an overwhelming desire to create, and so they did. With the 3 ultimate virtues of life, the goddesses were ready as ever to begin creating life and watching over their creations as they thrived under their watch. But they could not just make the world and leave it be; surely, they could not create such a magnificent world and leave it unprotected.

The world needed something to ensure protection and salvation in times of great need, as well as something to revere the goddesses by. So, carefully, each goddess tightly focused much of their power each into separate triangular stones that shined with a radiant luminescence that cascaded through the prisms of the sunlight; enough to make the blindest man see again. When each one was complete, the goddesses fused the 3 together very carefully, and the product was the legendary artifact, the Triforce, which the goddesses bestowed upon the land bound to prosper for eternity: Hyrule. As long as the Triforce remained in Hyrule, Hyrule would prevail in times of need. Thusly, Hyrule was created in it's entirety under the craft of the goddesses three.

For a handful of epochs, the world was bustling. Merriment abound, men enjoying the fruits of the goddess' labor, and everywhere you looked, there was absolute harmony. However, as the world matured, so did the desires of men. Over the course of several years, a tribe of men and women started to claim dominion over whatever land they could out of sheer greed and jealousy. This tribe was known as the Gerudo. Infamous for mischief and petty crimes, they were not highly regarded, nor were they warmly received. Over the course of these many years, the Gerudo grew more and more jealous of what others had and they didn't, so they began to form ranks among their tribe and induct warlords, so that they may go to war with neighboring countries to take what they believed they deserved.

No sooner did word reach neighboring countries of their intent, did the Gerudo tribes ppear at their doorsteps demanding gold and compensation. Those who submitted were spared and merely spat and laughed upon, while those who resisted were slain with harsh brutality. After finally reaping what they believed to be theirs, they were to begin back to their homeland for decadent indulgences and jubilation, when the tribe happened upon an unfamiliar Forest known by many as the Lost Woods. The Lost Woods were a hostile and mysterious locale, whose wary lore preceded it. Being naught but voracious barbarians, the Gerudo lacked the navigational skills and survival skills to successfully traverse the expanse of unsure wood. Knowing this, though tacitly, they turned to seek their prior route across the great bridge. Upon arrival, they discovered that the great bridge had been destroyed... by a large explosion. Someone had sabotaged them. With no other option across the vast chasm, the Gerudo tribes congregated and reluctantly decided that the only way across was to venture through the Lost Woods.

Warily, they entered the woods with an excited sense of awareness. Stories of vicious, swine-like creatures armed with polearms collecting adventurer's heads as trophies plagued their minds. They rode for hours, with no sign of an end. A days passed, then two days. Each tree was the exact same, every stone, pebble, leaf and branch. As far as the eye could see, naught but horizon of dense canopies that stoicly denied the sun. Morale was decreasing exponentially, and some even proclaimed it was retribution for their wicked deeds; these were subjugated and left behind. Hungry soldiers bellowed by the minute. Discouraged, starving and terrified, the stalwart tribe was close to submitting to the unforgiving forest when, suddenly, they came across a large temple, adorned with foreign symbols that they were unfamiliar with.

Being a shelter of sorts, the army expeditiously dismounted their steeds and clamored in through the heavy temple doors to discover a centric altar with a luminescent, golden triangle, standing before them. Absolutely possessed by greed, a Gerudo woman soared to the triangle, only to lay a finger upon the artifact and have an overwhelming surge of energy sent throughout her body, sending her flying backward to slam against the sanctuary doors. In a rare case when fear superseded their lust for treasure, the Gerudo soldiers fled in a frenzy, but for that one Gerudo woman, she would remain oblivious to the ramifications of her actions, and the impact it would have on the world.

After fleeing the temple, the Gerudo mounted their mares and darted away. As their fear and superficial remorse for the consequences of their actions clouded their otherwise insatiable greed, the Lost Woods, whose purpose was to mislead those with greedy hearts until their demise, opened its path for the stink of lust no longer permeated the air, rather, fear. The Gerudo all cheered desperately as the light of day beat upon their ebony skin. It was at this time though, that the goddesses awoke from their lengthy slumber from being drained of their power from the triforce fabrication.

Disturbed, they peered down only to see the world they created in near ruin, while the Gerudo held everything that once was others. Disgusted by such a heinous act, the goddesses promptly decreed that the Gerudo tribe be banished for all eternity to the barren, vapid wasteland of the desert, where hardships would not relent, famine would know no end, and tribulations know not rest. As if this was not enough for them to atone, the goddesses also decreed that one Gerudo women only be fertile once every 100 years, so that the tribe would have to struggle to survive and that they would eventually be purged. Little did they know, the woman they chose to give birth was the one who touched the Triforce, which would yield indescribably horrid tidings.

Satisfied with their decree and confident that their law be upheld by the Triforce, the goddesses laid their heads to rest to a deep, deep slumber. 100 years passed, as the land renewed and the woman gave birth; the first male to be seen in many years, as all others had died off. He was to be named Ganondorf. From the beginning, the child was raised like any normal child, but something was not quite right. The child possessed incredible intelligence and strength, which often frightened his mother and other tribeswomen. When the child came of age, he provided everything for the tribe: food, water, shelter; he was unstoppable.

He was the only one who knew how to navigate the desert sands and the only one strong enough of both arm and mind to conquer the ravenous indigenous beasts. Knowing how invaluable his talents were, he always had a steep price. Even if for his own mother, he was often overcome by intense greed, lust for power and superiority. He demanded deification and recompense for every act he performed. If the tribe failed to comply, they would find themselves without sustenance and security. After many years, Ganondorf was instructed to find his way to Lake Hylia to retrieve medicinal herbs for his dying mother. Thoughtless of his ill mother, Ganondorf was in it for the reward. Knowing of the task's size, he knew he would be compensated well.

Ganondorf set-off for Lake Hylia. It had never occurred to him before that land lay beyond his familiar desert surroundings before his mother requested the retrieval of curative botany from lands he knew not existed. Coupled with the ransom he held over his tribe's heads, he was equally looking forward to experiencing this new land to see what it had to offer him. With these in mind, Ganondorf galloped off, reveling in his vainglory.

Several days of riding passed through arduous conditions, whipping sands and fierce beasts, until Ganondorf began to notice subtle shifts in the geography. Strange plantlife in the form of emerald blades, flattening of the terrain and recession of sand. Excited, Ganondorf rode onward, as he cheered with a bone-crunching cackle, and within hours, approached a land he had never seen before. A land of fecundity and verdance; grass, water, trees and delectable air. Puzzled by his new surroundings, he continued to ride onward to find his way to Lake Hylia. Along the way, he came to the forest where his ancestors nigh perished: the Lost Woods.

Seeing no alternate route, he did not hesitate to gallop forth through the woods, as he derived arrogance from navigating the desert sands. History repeated itself as Ganondorf meandered through the thick timber for days. The only difference between his ancestors and he, was that he fancied himself a god who was merely angered by the inconvenience. Eventually, after many days, he, too, came across the very same temple that his forefathers did. Ecstatic at the possibility of food or water, he leaped off of his ebony steed and hurried to the door. He slammed it wide open with a deafening bang, and saw not food nor water, but none other than the Triforce glistening on a tall, stone altar. Like his mother, driven wild by greed, he immediately rushed for the golden artifact and as he reached for it, his arm began to writhe in intense pain and fell to his knees.

After minutes of mindnumbing agony surging throughout his entire body, it relented, and Ganondorf rose on one knee. As he slowly rose, gasping for breath, he noticed something very odd on the back of his hand: a symbol exactly like the Triforce. Puzzled, he dared to touch the artifact again, but this time, a most cataclysmic twist of events. The Triforce offers no resistance as he places his hand on it. Suddenly, Ganondorf feels an unearthly power course through his construct. For that moment, the world tremored, and the skies split, giving way to a void of blackness where the clouds once were. A sensation he'd never felt anything remotely similar to possessed him. He no longer had to merely think he was a god; he felt as one.

Shortly thereafter, a massive beam of blinding light shot towards the sky, breaking the stone ceiling of the sanctuary. Ganondorf looked at his hands in pure amazement. He felt so powerful, that he attempted to break stone walls and lift trees; he did so with ease. Before long, the consecrated sanctuary was as rubble beneath his thunderous gait. Aware of his new power, Ganondorf clasped his hands and exhaled an earth-shattering, maniacal laugh that resonated throughout the heavens. Casting aside his mother's wishes and well-being, Ganondorf's heart and lust had grown blacker than the void. Despite all of this, though, not even he knew yet that he was about to become the god he so treasured himself to be. Climbing upon his steed, he rode onward With every step; with every gallop, a wake of immolation warbled in despair. The forest bearing no match to his power, capitulated and offered him exit. He looked back to see the burning timber that lay in the wake of his path. He would now stop at nothing for reverence and obedience; not a single structure was left standing or unscathed from his malevolent wrath on his darkened ride. The only thing out of his reach now, was the ability to make a decision as to which people to subjugate to his will. With Hyrule Town, the epicenter of Hyrule in distant sight, he, without a second thought, hastily galloped towards it, with the sole intent to exercise his power and pillage. Upon arriving at the gates, before the guards could offer a greeting or warning, he slaughtered everything in sight. Incantations he never knew before became apparent as he cast spells of fire to burn houses to the ground and claim the lives of those who opposed him; He felt nothing but pure ecstasy. After a holocaust fit for a dark king, Ganondorf turned his back as his cloak followed, as rippling waves of flame crackled behind him, to return to his homeland and claim his dominion as supreme ruler of Gerudo Valley, and soon enough, Hyrule and all of its inhabitants.

Not hours after he departed for his homeland did the goddesses rouse from their slumbers with an uneasy feeling of ill happenings in the world below. Peering down from their lofty abode, they saw the destroyed chapel, and in it, the tainted Triforce; dulled by the hand of impurity, reeking with the viley putrescence of sin. Immediately they realized that 100 years had passed, and so they realized what had been done and hastily acted upon in. Ganondorf, drawing closer and closer to godhood as dark powers festered in him, was soon to rival the goddesses themselves in power, but Hyrule was an entirely separate realm from the goddess'; they could not interfere directly in Hyrule to rectify calamity, but their craft was below the power Ganondorf now possessed.

Wracked with confusion as to how to solve such a problem, Nayru made a suggestion to her two sisters. The wise goddess proposed that they create two human vessels for their power and virtue to send to Earth in their stead; a boy and a girl. Revering their sister, Nayru's infinite wisdom, all were in agreement that this was a suitable course of action to be taken. As the sisterly goddesses focused all of their power into the vessels, expending the last of their power, they completed them and imbued them with the two remaining Triforces: courage, and wisdom, with the intent that the two may procreate to carry on the legacy of their vessels. As the two vessels were sent to Earth, one descended into a small forest, far off in the east, amongst the children and spirits of the forest, and the other, in the womb of a woman to the west. Farore decreed that it is her that lives on through the boy, so he will wear garbs of green in reverence of her. The girl will be of royal blood, in reverence for her infinite wisdom; the wisdom to guide the people of Hyrule.

One problem still remained, however. In their current states, the two vessels of the goddesses could not subvert the dark king's insidious malign. The only option remaining was to expend the last of their power; they very essence of their beings to stifle Ganondorf and imprison him in the realm of the void. When their power fully diminishes in eleven years, the king of evil will be free to claim dominion over their creations unless their vessels succeed in their seemingly hopeless endeavor. It was an extraordinarily risky gamble, but there was no other option.

When the girl was born, she had miraculous powers which she often inadvertently demonstrated: healing and profound wisdom. Having conceived the miracle child, the man and woman were both appointed to royalty, as the people believed they were the parents of a goddess. The man was to be crowned King of Hyrule; his name was Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, and his daughter, Zelda Hyrule. Shortly after appointment to royalty, Zelda's mother succumbed to an illness that not even Zelda could heal.

Meanwhile, in a forest to east, a young boy lived among friends and those he called family in an enchanted forest, home to the children of the forest: the Kokiri. Many years passed before the one day, the goddess' prison would break and Ganondorf would escape to reign over the world. As the goddesses studied Link throughout his many years of early life, they were immensely pleased, and knew he would fulfill their wishes, to day save the world through his demonstrations of unrelenting courage and strength of heart. They knew that they could not take a life, and that the dark king's acquired power was far too great to be contained without intervention. As long as Ganondorf remained, there would be a dark king to overthrow Hyrule. But by their designs and decrees, a hero, garbed in rags of green, would slay that very king with the aid of a mysterious girl, and preserve that land until the end of time. As long as hope was in the hearts of men, and the Triforce stood, the dark king would never prevail over the power of courage and wisdom.

So ends my tale of old from lands long past; now you know The Legend of Zelda.

Copyright 2009 by the owner of the pseudonym "Vermanubis". :U