I know at face value, many of you probably disagree with the title of this post. So, I'm going to try and explain this as clearly as possible with lots of metaphors and pictures. You following so far?

First off, this generation is not a console war. That would suppose there are sides battling against each other with their own just, evil, or maniacal causes using their own weapons and resources for domination. This is untrue. That would be like saying Microsoft is the galactic Empire, Sony is the Rebel Alliance, Nintendo is the Mercenaries/Gangsters/Bounty Hunters, and the PC is Ewoks (calm down you hardcore PC gamers, it's all in good jest). While some of you would gladly say this metaphor is right on (especially with Microsoft ruling the Empire), let me explain further.

Poor Ewoks don't stand a chance.

The thing to remember is they are all supporting the video game industry against other forms of entertainment. They are essentially all on the same side. Hell, the amount of common titles (we'll pretend the Wii doesn't exist for this point) between the systems is proof enough that they're all on the same side. It becomes a matter of who is on top. That's not a war; that's a hierarchical struggle. You see, every one of the systems is an Imperial. They are simply different ranks trying to assert their authority in the overall faction. After all, we all know that, internally, the Empire never really got along. The Emperor converts and uses Darth Vader who is secretly trying to overthrow the Emperor with secret apprentices and trying to lure his own son to the darkside. There is also the legions of identical mindless Stormtroopers who get used and abused and are usually under-appreciated but rather useless anyways. Then there are the Grand Moffs and other Generals who are constantly being strangled by Vader or failing miserably at their assigned tasks.

With that in mind, here's the breakdown as I see it: Wii is the legions of Stormtroopers. Sure, a few of them have done some killing and helped the Empire out, but in the long run, they can be out-smarted and out-gunned by a long smuggler, a couple of teenagers, two droids, and a senior citizen. This is a perfect representation of the kind of gameplay you expect on the Wii. Tons of identical shovelware with a few standout titles. Regardless of this, you see Stormtroopers occupying every planet (home).

Next, you have PC as the Grand Moffs and Generals. There are still people who prefer PC. They are not a majority, and they are losing more and more of their gaming share to Darth Vader who is strangling their numbers down to zero. However, you still have a couple developers who stick by the PC providing a few standout Generals, like General Veers who leads the assault against the Hoth Echo Base. Regardless, it is a dying breed that may not have a long future ahead of it.

After that, you have Darth Vader. He's badass, he wears black, and he'll kill you if he's bored. He is the PS3. He wants to be on top. He used to be on top. Everyone remembers when he was Anakin Skywalker and the chosen one (see PS2), but he has fallen to the darkside. He is constantly trying to get back on top of the totem pole by plotting to overthrow the Emperor many times, and even sending his apprentice out to slaughter stormtroopers wholesale. However, no matter what he does, he always seems to be lagging behind. We all still hope that one day, before his death, he'll be redeemed. He will then usher in a new era of gaming bliss for all the boys and girls.

Last, you have the one everybody loves to hate, the Emperor. Nobody likes him, but a lot of people hang around him. He shoots lightening out of his finger tips, of course you wouldn't want to be against him. He rules everything. Well, not really, but he likes to pretend that from his throne he knows all, sees all, and controls all. This isn't true. But he believes it, and his Imperial Guards encourage the delusion. This is not to say he does not have a lot of power. Microsoft is all about pointing out what they Xbox 360 can do. And look now, it's elite!! I've got two words for you: Death Star. Both of those red ringed and blew up too. Though they destroy planets before they do, and, hey, you can always build another.

With that clarification, I hope we all garnered a better understanding of this console "struggle." Each, group within the faction has plenty of strengths and weaknesses with a constant rotation of who is really in control of the Empire. There will never be a winner. Sure, in this generation, there may be one who sits on top, but as for any power struggle, everyone will be on top at some point. Hell, even Tarkin bossed Vader around at one point. Too bad he died soon after.