I have learned something about myself recently, and I figured as a follow up to my previous article it would be good to share and allow for a moment of reflection among all you reading. I love video games, but I am not good at them. Now, I know starting any video game there is a certain amount of learning involved no matter who you are. You just have to practice to get good. That's true. I won't disagree. However, people who get good at video games then are only those who have this crazy drive to keep perfecting their game. I'm not one of those people.

We all have our rhyme and reason for why we play games. Some play for the gameplay that's a lot of fun, some for the story that's told, some to horde achievements and trophies, others to yell "noob"  over the microphone incessantly during an online match (usually those 13 yo or younger), others to get a level 80 so they won't have a life outside of guild raiding, most do it for some combination of all those.

Personally, I really dig story, but gameplay is important too, otherwise I'd be bored; though, sometimes, good gameplay can carry a game that's a little light on story (see Little Big Planet, that was one of the most fun games I've ever played. My friend and I had some good times with it). Anyways, point is, I dig games like Uncharted/2 that are almost movies with great characters and stories. This usually leads me to play RPG's but other genres have been really stepping up to the plate in this respect, see previous example of Uncharted. However, this all digresses from what I was talking about originally. I play video games to escape, and the piles of games I own but have never beaten bear witness to the fact that I have little patience for a game that is too difficult for me. For simplicities sake I will refer to the final boss of Uncharted 2. I'm burnt out on the boss. I can't even bring myself to play the battle anymore, and he's the final part of the game! After this I get to see the conclusion to the story I care about, but even now, that's not quite enough for me to sit my butt down and finish it. For some stupid reason, I refuse to turn down the difficulty, since I was priding myself so much on playing through the game on hard.

This leaves me with quite the conundrum. What is the lazy gamer to do in this situation? Move on? Look online? Give up? Hmmm. I'm all about changing my gaming ways, but no matter what, I can't change how fed up I get when I get stuck on a game. Hell, my favorite game of all time (one of three or so tied for first) is the original KotOR. I played through the whole game, got to the star forge, found myself in the area leading to the final boss but incapable of getting past the place. You see I was playing dark side and was out of med kits. And so, I have never beaten the game. Even though it is one of my favorites of all time!

The problem essentially is, I'm not playing for the challenge. Sure, a little challenge is good, but if I can't overcome it in ten tries or less the game may be dead to me. Of course that's not the only reason for all those unfinished games. Sometimes, I just get bored with what's happening in the game (see FFX, FFIX, inFAMOUS, Kingdom Hearts, etc...god, I'm gonna get flamed for that list). When one's main focus is the story and entertainment value of that, it is incredibly easy to give up on games. Something I wish I could get over, but if I'm no longer having fun then a game is no longer serving its purpose in my opinion.

So what about you? Do you have trouble finishing games? Why do you play them to begin with? Do you think I'm a noob or a care bear? Do you find my articles both shallow and pedantic? Even pointless? Let me know how you really feel, cuz knowing is half the battle!