First, props to Game Informer for the great site set up. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the many shinies in this cesspool of gamerdome.

Anyways, that is not why I'm writing today. I'm here to address the modern college student and how to accomplish all the gaming purchases, especially those during the big holiday season. Some of us have jobs, others don't, and either way most of us don't really have the disposable income to throw away on games.

For instance, I have my pre-ordered copy of Uncharted 2 at Gamestop, that at this point, I'm pretty sure I will not have the money to buy. That's fine, I will wait, maybe wait until Christmas or something. However, most of us don't want to wait, or, with the multitude of games coming out, do not want to wait on all of them. So, the question is now what do we do?

I personally have considered getting a job I really don't have time for, trading in large amounts of games I have (but honestly, those of you who have traded games before know that you get jack *** for them, and that it is a better value to just keep them for replay), and selling my "services" (to be interpreted from sexual favors to assassinations) to the highest bidders. However, simply put, none of these work (unless you have some business for me, in which case, feel free to message me). So, how do we afford the plethora of great games coming out over the next few months?

The answer is something I like to call game sharing. Many of you who have a PS3 and frequent PSN are aware of game sharing as a way of sharing games with other users a certain amount of times to avoid everyone having to make the purchase. Using this method, games are "traded" amongst users. Sony has even publicly announced that they condone the method. So, why not apply this same method to hard copy games. First off, you need to know someone with a PS3 and similar game tastes that lives near you. I would never recommend doing this long distance or with someone you met online (though if you are feeling brace, go for it). For me, this idea hit me with my roommate who has a PS3 as well. We moved in together about two months ago, and my roommate used the opportunity to play through the games I had accumulated in the past such as Uncharted, InFAMOUS, Resistance, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. So, with the new games on the horizon, I am now considering the game sharing idea. Now there are two ways to approach the game sharing technique. First, there is the way analogous to the PSN game sharing, constituting a temporary trade of the disc for the other to play until finished. The other, and the one I am hoping to use, is a joint purchase system. Two friends (whether it is me and my roommate or one of my other trusted friends) would go to Gamestop on release day of Uncharted 2 to purchase the game between us. Now, you have to also remember to evaluate a game like Uncharted 2 that has both campaign and online gameplay as well as coop gameplay. With games that have multiple levels of play like that make sure that you have an agreement that is clearly worked out between the players.

It is a simple concept, and, by no means, a new concept. However, it is, I believe, a great way to stay on top of the great new releases for this season. Maybe, if you see yourself having enough money for the game at a later date, work out with your game share partner to purchase the second half of the game from them for sole ownership at a later date. Is it ideal for us compulsive gamers in the peak of game release season? No, but it is a great alternative to getting in debt or not playing any of the great new titles out there.