I have said this for over 5 years.

It is time for Nintendo to move Out of the console market and focus on being a handheld company and DOMINATE publisher.

Imagine Link in 1080p slashing through Ganon on your New Xbox

Mario and Luigi getting into all sorts of trouble on the PS4

Samus working for the highest bidder.

FINALLY a pokemon game moving out of its basic format to a full 3D world.

The greatest thing about Nintendo has always been will always be there collection of ICONIC game characters that the sky is the limit.

Nintendo continues to make these gimicky piece of crap consoles, and they continue to take a back seat to the Big Boys.

I know someone will say the wii sold well. Yah it did till people realized they were worthless EXCEPT for Nintendos self produced games.

Nintendo DOMINATES the handheld market, and that will never change when you control Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu.

They should continue to dominate the handheld market, and transition into purely PUBLISHING games. You can either make money on making games for both future consoles OR

Make Xbox and PS bid the crap out of each other for a EXCLUSIVE Mario title

Exclusive Legend of Zelda, ETC

Its time Nintendo, move on the sky is the limit to publishing games for the other consoles, you will still make and advance handheld game systems, and people like me will continue to buy them and love them.

But give up the home consoles, move to publishing it makes Bussiness sense, it makes gaming sense.