Ahh, The Legend of Zelda. With its recognizable characters, huge worlds and near perfect gameplay, the LoZ series never ceases to impress me.  However, it is a slightly different aspect that I would like highlight today - the music. In all honesty,  I am nothing short of obsessed with the musical scores of the LoZ series. Simply out, my favorite soundtrack of any video game, and I'm going to list the pieces I believe to be the best of them... But, Vannah? Wasn't this the topic of the first blog you've ever done? Why, yes it is, but my opinion of this topic has changed greatly over the course of this year. Koji Kondo... You are amazing. Remember that.

NOTE: Song is from original game, so no remakes.

Original List: http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/vannahfox_blog/archive/2012/07/06/my-top-ten-favorite-zelda-songs-incomplete.aspx 


Honorable Mention...

Gerudo Valley- Ocarina of Time

Gerudo Valley is, without a doubt, the most listened-to song from Ocarina. It's the first Zelda track that sounded like it came from another world, that the area you were entering was a totally different culture than the Hylian variety you'd grown accustomed to. The festive Latin beats and powerful brass instruments simultaneously invited and discouraged ingress, all while a vicious sandstorm obscured your path. 



Number 10...

Legend of Zelda NES: Main Theme

The title screen set the stage for the entire franchise, introducing a main theme that's become so popular thousands of football fans can pick it out during a half time show. If anyone knows just one video game song, it's Mario. If they know two, it's this. The NES title screen does it better because at the time, no one knew what they were starting, that there would be countless hours lost searching for clues, items, and pieces of Triforce. The song was a sign of things to come, and looking back more than 20 years later, it delivered every unspoken promise its notes made. Simply put, nostalgia at its finest.



Number 9...

Tal Tal Heights- Link's Awakening

It's not just the song that's awesome here, it's the context. Hearing this tune as you're climbing up those stairs up to the Wind Fish's eggs during the climax of Link's Awakening makes you wonder just how music coming out of such small speakers can get your blood pumping so much.



Number 8... 

Great Seas Theme- Wind Waker

One thing is clear about Zelda overworld songs: they have capturing the spirit of adventure in a song down to a science. The Ocean Theme from Wind Waker is perfect for seafaring adventurers, which is a blessing, given how often you'll hear it while sailing through the vast oceans.

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Number 7...

Dark World- A Link to the Past

One of the most impressive aspects of Link to the Past was the separation of Light and Dark Worlds, and one of the key elements of making that seperation so distinct was this incredible song. It maintains the spirit of adventure present in the usual overworld theme, while adding moodier touches that fit well with the mystery and intrigue of visiting the Dark world for the first time. The lead tune, coupled with a constant set of marching drums and brass, gives Dark World a haunting persistence reminiscent of a villain slowly transforming a bountiful world into wasteland. 

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Number 6...

Midna's Desperate Hour- Twilight Princess

Midna was one of the bright spots to come out of Twilight Princess. In a game that was criticized for being too much like past Zelda experiences, Midna was like nothing the franchise had seen. Perhaps the most celebrated piece of music to come from Twilight Princess, Midna's Lament is a beautiful, heart-wrenching melody that allows games to feel the pain that the game's titular character is undergoing. Having this music play while riding in a cloudy, rainy setting really brings out the moment of reflection and sadness. The song's melancholy tone binds the player to Midna in a way that was impossible before you heard it. 



Number 5...

Molgera's Boss Theme- Wind Waker

No doubt my favorite aspect of Molgera's boss battle was the music being played during it. Other boss tracks didn't come close to this one. With a variety of instruments and sounds playing all at once in perfect harmony, this boss theme isn't just the best boss themes, its one of the best tracks in Zelda.

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Number 4...

Fi's Farewell- Skyward Sword

Oh, Fi... You never were a good a companion. I wanted to strangle you countless times. You gave me repetitive information I didn't need. It's agreed by many Zelda fans that you surpass Navi when it come being annoying. But when you leave me in the end, I can't help but to ball my eyes out every single time... And the tear- jerking song doesn't help. In all seriousness, though, this song, to say the least, is achingly beautiful. It's just amazing how Nintendo manages to make us feel so attached to companions that annoy the living hell out of us, but when they leave, we feel the sadness of losing a true friend who stood by us all the way, no matter what, and we didn't realize until the end of our adventure and it's time to part ways. Well... You know what they say. You never know what you have til it's gone.



Number 3...

Link and Zelda's Duet- Spirit Tracks

If there's one aspect of Spirit Tracks that I love to death, it would be its soundtrack. This song is a prime example of that. Using this song to being the evil Malludus to his knees, this final stand has a drastic change from this beautiful tune to a blood- pumping, epic theme played in the final battle. The sheer greatness of this song is enough to love the final boss battle itself (even though I don't believe Malludus is that good of a villain). But like I mentioned before, why I love this song so much is because of the drastic change in pace it has. In the first part of the song, you hear Zelda's cheerful voice along with Link's pipe playing, but gradually, more instruments get put into the song until you hear a fully orchestrated and downright wonderful piece.




Number 2...

Credits Theme- Wind Waker

You're probably surprised by this song being this high on the list. What could possibly make this song better than the famous Zelda Overworld theme or the depressing Midna's Lament? A number of reasons. One, the song itself is very cheery and happy. It makes you feel good to have played this game. I imagine some have actually sat and waited at the start-up screen, since you can hear a piece of this there. Another reason is that you can hear bits and pieces of songs you heard throughout the game, making this a very nice medley of the best the title has to offer. And finally, it plays its intended role perfectly - as the end of the story. You've defeated Ganon. You've saved Zelda. You've reunited with your family and friends and, despite all the hardships in your way, you're stronger than you were before. Your journey is over. Now, you can sit back and revel in your victory, confident that you succeeded in your quest - and that your story will never be forgotten. This song is the triumphant return for the conquering hero. What could possibly overshadow it?


Number 1...

Balled of the Goddess- Skyward Sword

The musical score in Skyward Sword is one of the most far-reaching, interestingly developed and gorgeous series of musical themes I've heard in a game. Recorded with a full orchestra (though the occasional sampled MIDI instrument does turn up), the Skyward Sword score is lush, ambitious, and human sounding. Instrumental soloists, particularly some of the woodwind players, all have their moments to shine, and the reprisals of old Zelda classics like Zelda's Lullaby sound terrific when performed by human beings. But my favorite song in Skyward Sword has to be the main theme, Balled of the Goddess. From the first trailer I saw for the game, I was struck by how immediately iconic it felt, how it conjured feelings of adventure, purpose, and more than anything, of motion. Ballad of the Goddess is a great example of a hero's theme done right. It's a strongly melodic anthem the boldness of which remains all too rare in modern video games. Many were swept away by the majestic melody and the blast of nostalgia that it offered...although many fans weren't quite so sure why it was so nostalgic. As it turns out, this song is really ingenious. The main composition is actually Zelda's Lullaby if played backwards. SPOILER: Since it is revealed in the end of the game that Zelda is the mortal reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia (for whom the original Ballad theme exists), it makes sense that they would use a backwards rendition of Zelda's Lullaby in the theme. Or is it Zelda's Lullaby that is a backwards version of Balled of the Goddess? Regardless, well played Nintendo.




What's your favorite song in Zelda? WHAT?!?! You only put one song from Ocarina of Time, DA BEST ZELDA GAME EVA on there?!?! Comment or complain below and thanks for reading!