When you think you Legend of Zelda, mini games are probably the last thing you'd think of.  True, the Zelda franchise isn't all about them, but there are great ones that need to be mentioned. The minigames can range from short and easy to long and tedious, usually result in being awarded prizes such as Pieces of Heart or upgrades, and most importantly are the best, in my opinion.


Number 10...

Hammer Tag- Four Swords Adventure

Sometimes you may get bored from journeying across Hyrule, even if it's with with your friends. If that's the case, what better way to ease that boredom than to go around hitting your friends with a hammer in a game of tag? The player with the hammer must then chase the players and try to ( of course) hit them with the hammer. On occasion, a portal to the Dark World will appear, allowing players to escape. The people who do not carry the hammer run much slower than usual, and are unable to roll. Meanwhile, the person with the hammer runs at normal speed, and can roll. It is difficult playing with only two people, because it is a true test of who's the better player. If playing with three or four people, it is smart to go after the person who has spent the least time with the hammer. The first person to spend a minute in total time with the hammer loses, while everyone else wins.




Number 9...

Clean Cut- Skyward Sword

Costing 10 Rupees to play, this minigame is a challenge that requires Link to cut a tall piece of bamboo as many times as he can with his sword. Depending on how many cuts Link make, a random prize will be given. While strategy is key, there's nothing more fun than whacking a bamboo stick hectically.


Number 8...

Pirate Hideout- Spirit Tracks

The Pirate Hideout is home to an abundant amount of Miniblins and Big Blins, who have captured a resident of Papuchia Village. Link eventually defeats the Miniblins in a mini-game of sorts and makes his getaway with the rescued captive via Mine Cart. As the two make it outside, they jump on the Spirit Train and head for Papuchia Village. During their trip, many Miniblins and Big Blins attempt to jump aboard, forcing Link to defend the Papuchia Village resident from the enemies using his Bow, which is so much fun. When the two return to the village, the man gives Link a Force Gem as thanks. If Link returns to the Pirate Hideout he can take part in the mini-game again, this time trying to save a Goron. Depending on how many points Link gets, he can receive a quiver, a Heart Container, or a ton of Rupees. 


Number 7...

Iza's Rapid Ride- Twilight Princess

Whenever I got the chance, I didn't blow it. I went down the river. Just rolling down the river is incredibly serene and calming. But there was also the challenge of getting as many Rupees as you could or shooting down all the pots.  If he can manage to score twenty-five points by the time he reaches Lake Hylia, he is awarded with a universal set of Giant Bomb Bags by Iza's Assistant. 


Number 6...

Trendy Game- Link's Awakening

It's practically your average crank machine... But filled with awesome Zelda gear. Why wouldn't that be an awesome mini game? Also, like many enemies in Link's Awakening, one of the prizes is none other than Mario's trusty sidekick, Yoshi.


Number 5...

Bomchu Bowling- Ocarina of Time

The objective of this famous mini game is to direct a Bombchu from the starting point, to a large target on the wall, all while attempting to avoid a Blade Trap and two Cuccos, one of which is unusually large. Every time Link hits the target on the wall, the wall collapses, revealing a further wall and another obstacle. If Link successfully knocks down both walls and hits the target on the far end of the room, he will receive either a Piece of a Heart, Bombchu Bombs, a Bomb bag upgrade, Rupees. The prize is selected at random, and is not revealed until payment is made. If timed properly, hitting Cuccos with Bombchu may be profitable, as they are stunned for a short while afterward. Interestingly enough, inside the Bombchu Bowling Alley  is a jukebox standing against the left wall, and the place is notably decorated with neon signs. This seems very anachronistic compared to the rest of the medieval-themed Hyrule and is one of the few examples of electric technology in the Zelda series.



Number 4...

The Thunder Dragon Lightning Round- Skyward Sword

Available after learning Lanaryu's part of the Song of the Hero, this challenge allows Link to win prizes by reliving previously played Silent Realms and boss battles. Link can take on bosses in up to twelve consecutive battles. Initially, only the bosses that have been encountered are available. In Hero Mode however, all twelve bosses, including Demise, can be fought at once. The first boss that is fought can be chosen while all subsequent bosses are in random order. Link's Adventure Pouch is denied him, though he can use the Shield he currently has equipped. This includes Potions and fairies, so they cannot save him, should he out of hearts. Any health Link loses and any damage his shield suffers will be carried over to subsequent rounds. Any Medals in the pouch have their effects negated, limiting his maximum Heart Containers to 18. Also, as Link is using the Master Sword at this point, he can inflict more damage to the earlier bosses than he did during their original encounter, making the battles easier. After each successful battle, Lanayru offers Link the choice between a prize or the option of taking on yet another boss for the chance at a better prize. If the boss battle is lost, no prize will be given.

The prizes for each consecutive win are as follows:

  1. 20 Rupees
  2. Common treasure
  3. 100 Rupees
  4. Piece of a Heart (afterwards 200 Rupees)
  5. 300 Rupees
  6. Rare Treasure
  7. 500 Rupees
  8. Hylian Shield (afterwards 1,000 Rupees)
  9. 2,000 Rupees
  10. 3 Rare Treasures
  11. 3,000 Rupees
  12. 9,900 Rupees

  Like it's listed above, you can receive the most indestructible shield in the game, the Hylian Shield just be winning 8 battle. I'd say that's a pretty good bonus.


Number 3...

Rickety Coaster- Skyward Sword

A mini game that rewards you for riding on a roller coaster... Seems legit. But in all seriousness, this is one FUN mini game. Balance is key, but there's also the fact that you have to be fast in order to get the prizes you want. Exciting, yet challenging.


Number 2...

Dodoh's High Dive- Skyward Sword

It seems like Skyward Sword is dominating this list... Anyways, all subsequent attempts will cost 20 Rupees. The mini-game involves Dodoh launching Link straight upward using a cannon. After being launched, Link sky-dives back down, trying to pass through the "Fortune Rings" and avoiding the giant "Dodoh Balls". Every ring Link passes through increases the multiplier for Link's prize by two, with a total of ten, as well as slowing the speed at which the colored spaces on the island's base spin. Hitting a ball resets this multiplier. The main objective, however, is not to fly through rings, but to land on one of the many colored spaces on the island itself. Each of these colored spaces corresponds to a different Rupee value; however, the gray space is referred to as the "Loser Space", and causes Link to lose ten Rupees. The first time that Link lands on the 50 Rupee space with a X10 multiplier, Dodoh rewards him with a Piece of a Heart plus 500 Rupees. Not only is this game extremely rewarding, but it also is a challenge, putting your diving skills to the ultimate test.


And Number 1...

Sinking Ships- Wind Waker

Located in Windfall Island, the game itself is very similar to the popualr game Battleship, but the ships are replaced with Big Octos and Link lacks a fleet and opponent to attack him. In this addicting mini game, Link is given 24 shots to sink all three Big Octos; one takes up four squares, one takes up three, and the third takes up two. All of these are placed randomly each time the game is played. The fee to play is 10 Rupees per game. If Link fails to destroy the three Big Octos in 24 shots, he loses the game. The first time Link wins the game, he is rewarded with a Piece of a Heart. The second time he wins, he receives a Treasure Chart. For every subsequent win, Link receives 50 Rupees. If Link completes the game only using twenty shots or less, he will receive another Treasure Chart. Another bonus to this mini game is a recurring joke about  incredibly low budget it is. Salvatore acts out characters by putting his head through cardboard cut-outs, and he indicates whether or not Link has hit a Big Octo by saying "Sploosh" if he has not, or "KA-BOOM!" if he has, which is admittedly, hilarious. Even though it's based off luck and not skill, this mini game is incredibly addicting, and like Battleship, extremely fun.


What's your favorite mini game is Zelda? Comment below and thanks for reading!