From the beginnings of Ordon Village to the nostalgic Lost Woods, the world of Hyrule certainly has its good share of location to explore. Whether it's creative, symbolic, has alot of stuff to do, or just plain beautiful, these are, in my opinion, the best locations in the Zelda franchise.


Number 5...

Minish Village- Minish Cap

The Minish Village is a village hidden within the Minish Forest and is populated by the Minish people. Most of the buildings in the Minish Village are made from things that the Hylians left behind, such as pots, boots, and a barrel. The creativity of this village is what makes it so unique from all location. In addition, the bright and cheery colors makes visiting a joy.


Number 4...

Lake Hylia- Twilight Princess

Being the largest body of water in Hyrule, Lake Hylia is a recurring location in the Zelda series, but it's at its best in Twilight Princess because of its beauty. Above the lake is the Great Bridge of Hylia, which leads to the heart of Lanayru Province. the beginning, when the Province is still covered in Twilight, Lake Hylia had been drained so that it is only a puddle. During Zant's invasion, Zora's Domain froze, which in turn stopped the flow of water to Lake Hylia. Once the water of Zora's Domain has been thawed, the water flows down Zora's River and the lake refills. Bringing the lake back to it's natr state is nothing but satisfying and Fyer's Cannon is not only entertaining, but very useful when it come to travel.


Number 3...

Sacred Grove- Twilight Princess

Located where the Temple of Time was once situated, over time, this forest grew around the ruins of the temple, leaving the Pedestal of Time and Master Sword intact. The front door also remains intact and functions as a portal through time to point at which the temple was still whole. Along with the fact that the Master Sword lies within the Sacred Grove, this forest like area has a pretty cool back story that directly ties Twilight Princess to Skyward Sword, which makes this location very unique.The Sacred Grove was originally an area known as the Sealed Grounds or Temple of Hylia during the events of Skyward Sword and served as a prison for the Demon King by using an object known as the Sealing Spike to trap The Imprisoned (which was the form Demise took before being sealed) in a deep crater. After Demise breaks free and Link defeats him, Link places the Master Sword into a Pedestal which was sealed behind a large door within what would become the Temple of Time of Ocarina of Time. Really interesting once you think about it.


Number 2...

Skyloft- Skyward Sword

A town floating above the clouds, and is where Link was born and raised. During the events of the game, the inhabitants of Skyloft have no knowledge of Hyrule, the land situated below, which has been overrun by evil forces. Link discovers the kingdom and spends the majority of his adventure traveling back and forth between the two realms using both his Crimson Loftwing and Bird Statues. Skyloft appears to consist of several scattered landmasses suspended in the sky above Hyrule, which were sent into the sky by the Goddess Hylia. It is home to numerous large birds named Loftwings, as well as Hylians. The great Knight's Academy and the useful Baazar is also located here. On top of that, Skyloft house probably my favorite dungeon in the game, the Skykeep.


And Number 1...

Clock Town- Majora's Mask

This city is both the geographic and economic center of Termina. It is a large town, comprised of five sections, North, South, East, and West Clock Town, and the smaller Laundry Pool. Being the center of Termina, Clock Town has many points of interest with practically countless thing to do. South Clock Town is the city's main hub. It is connected to all four of the other sections of the city as well as Termina Field and the outlying regions. Every year, the Carnival of Time occurs in South Clock Town, making it a cultural center. The centerpiece of the town, Clock Tower, is found here, and is opened on the eve of the festival. East Clock Town, unofficially the "entertainment district", is home to the Stock Pot Inn, Clock Town's only hotel, as well as the exclusive Milk Bar. This area is also home to the majority of Clock Town's game shops, such as Honey & Darling's Shop, the Treasure Chest Shop and the Town Shooting Gallery. Also situated here is the Mayor's Residence. It is also the location of the place known as the Bombers' Hideout. North Clock town consists of a large park which takes up the entire area, the entrance to the fountain of the Great Fairy of Magic, and a Hidden Hole leading to the Deku Shrub Playground. Tingle the map-maker can be found here, along with Jim, the leader of the Bomber's Gang. West Clock Town is the city's main commercial center. It includes an alley containing various stores, such as the Trading Post, the Bomb Shop, the Curiosity Shop, and the Clock Town Bank. In the northern area of West Clock Town, there is also the Post Office, and the Lottery Shop. Lastly, there is also the Swordman's School, where swordsmen can hone their skills. The Laundry Pool is apparently a place where the residents of Clock Town do their laundry. It also leads to a small house located directly behind the Curiosity Shop where Kafei hides, which has a doorbell outside. Guru- Guru shows up at night during the first and second days, giving Link the Breman Mask if he hears his confession. Along with friendly locals, there's no location in the Zelda franchise that can beat a city as lively as Clock Town.


What's your favorite location in Zelda? Comment below and thanks for reading!