Just as much as your sword and your damsel in distress are, puzzles are a staple for the Legend of Zelda series. Usually placed in dungeons, puzzles in Zelda usually range from your simple switch puzzle to those jerkkish puzzles that will screw you over every time. Whether Nintendo put them in for a good challenge or their cheap difficulty confused to many people, these are the puzzle that personally stumped me the most.

Number 5... 

The Phantom Hourglass DS Closing 

This puzzle is one of those that you think "What the hell have a been doing for 9 hours?" once you solve it. As the name implies, you have to literally close your DS to solve the puzzle. Sounds easy, but if you were like me and had absolutely no clue of what to do, your going to be stuck for a loooonnnnggg time.

Number 4... 

Statue Puzzle- Twilight Princess

  In my opinion, Twilight Princess lacks in difficulty compared to other Zelda games like Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past. Now, this isn't exactly a bad thing, per say, but I did find myself breezing through alot of parts throughout the game. The Statue Puzzle was not one of those parts. Even today, I at least have to retry this puzzle once in order to think it through. In this one, you have to guide two statues back to the spot they were previously in by jumping around. Here's the catch: One statue goes one direction and the other one goes the complete opposite. Having to worry about whether they step on you or not is the least of your problems. I have to say this puzzle was probably the most challenging thing in the whole game.


Number 3... 

Water Temple- Ocarina of Time 

Some might think, "Wait... But this is just a dungeon!" Think about it though: Raising the water levels in order to get the stupid keys, putting your iron boots on every second of your  existence... The whole dungeon is a puzzle. Whether you agree with me or not is up to you, but in any case, this puzzle/ dungeons is FRUSTRATING. Yes, the word needed all caps, cause I meant it. Like I mentioned, to get a key to enter the next room, you need to switch the water level, put on your iron boots for the ten millionth time, pray with all your might that you didn't forget a key in another level of the dungeon. This puzzle's/ dungeon's design is so rage inducing that one of the main reasons Nintendo created the Ocarina of Time 3DS version was to fix the design. Thank you, Nintendo. Well.... At least it's satisfying once you finish it... If you call a Link obsessed, weird- looking Zora chick asking for you hand in marriage and, well.... You know what satisfying, then I really don't know what to tell you.

Number 2... 

Pot Puzzle- Link's Awakening 

Like the DS closing in Phantom Hourglass, this is one of those "special" puzzles that took me forever to figure out, but was actually quite simple. Picture this: You find yourself in a room filled with pots and one way out. The door is locked, so the first thing you think is that there must be a key in one of the many pots in the room which opens the door. So, one by one you slash those pots and you find..... Absolutely nothing. Confused, you go out of the room and go back in so the pots would respawn. Once again, you take out the pots one by one until all you see is the ground with, of course, no key. Now frustrated, you turn off the game, thinking that was a glitch, not knowing that you didn't save beforehand and have to do the temple all over again. Once you get back to the room, you try your tactic yet a third time and fail miserably. 4th time, your sick of this crap and want to get out of the stupid temple. Your start throwing pots everywhere like a crazer, until you acidentally throw a pot at the door... It opens like that. You sit in a corner for an hour and wonder why you didn't think of that before.... Well, know you know how I feel.

And Number 1... 

Hero's Cave- Oracle Games

If there is anything in the Legend of Zelda that took me longer or was more frustrating, it would have to be the Hero's Cave. Containing rooms of multiple block puzzles that will most likely make you rage quit, to this day, the Hero's Cave is the hardest puzzle I have ever gotten through in a Zelda game. The best thing about this, though, might be the fact that you're rewarded tremendously afterwards.

What do you consider to be the hardest puzzle in Zelda? Comment below and thanks for reading!