Journey came out in the early 2012, and to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to it at first. Gameinfromer gave it a good 9/ 10, but I shrugged it off like it was nothing. I actually thought this game would be boring from the pictures I saw of the gameplay. Then I started to find more people reviewing it, giving it a 9/10 of higher. So, I swallowed my pride and decided to buy a copy at the local Gamestop... Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.  Journey is a masterpiece, a game that blends art, music, and gameplay into the most unique and satisfying cooporative experience I have ever played. For god knows why, some people call Journey a bad game. Boring? I can see why some people may say that. A bad game? Absolutely not. The only thing I consider to dislike in this game is the fact that it is only 3- 4 hours of play time at the most, and that's pretty minor. The reasons why I love Journey are not irrelevant, and are why most people enjoyed the games as well.


Controls are practically flawless:

The controls in this game are simple. But simple doesn't mean bad at all.  Players manipulate the camera using the SixAxis motion control, or via right analog stick. Hitting the circle allows you to sing, though you will get different results depending on how much pressure you apply; tapping the button lets you emit short notes, while holding it down for longer result in a stronger burst. After collecting your first scarf piece, the X button let's you take flight. Throughout each level are hidden glyphs that increase the length of your scarf.  Essentially, your scarf works as a kind of flight gauge; the longer the scarf, the more energy it can absorb and the longer you can sustain flight. You can charge your scarf by either singing to it or standing next to another cloth- like creature. This control set- up is incredibly fluid, making it always enjoyable to fly around, surf on the sand, and even walk.


Downright genius Co-op:

While you are journeying, you'll soon find another passerby with whom you can interact with. You can either leave them and go solo or join them and journey together, If you choose the latter, you are in for a treat. You can simply approach them, at which point you'll be able to share resources and solve puzzles together. You cannot see this person's face, you cannot see this person's PSN name, and you cannot communicate with this person at all. You can only interact with them using the circle button to sing to them. This may sound frustrating, but its far from it. You and your companion work together by giving each other boosts of power,  huddling together for warmth, or simply guiding each other across the vast sands. Depending on the kind of partner you have, you may create a bond with your fellow journeyer, making the game much more fun and memorable than it already was. You'll still have a great time without the co- op, but it is much more unique and satisfying with it.


Graphically, this game is art:

You know when people say that graphics don't have to be realistic to be amazing? Well, they are 100% correct. And Journey is a great example of how this is true. Keeping the fact out that it won more than five awards for it's artistic beauty, Journey is visually stunning, to say in the least. It's one of those games where you can't help but to stare at the background landscape in awe. The amount of detail put into this game outstanding. Everything from shimmering sand to the cloak to your character's body is achingly beautiful and the atmosphere is stunningly perfect. At one moment of the game when you are surfing on the sand, the visual is absolutely breathtaking. Most stunning visual ever in gaming. PERIOD.



Best soundtrack for a game ever:

Some say that the aspect that made Journey so emotional is the co- op. Some say that it is the stunning visuals. You cannot forget about the amazing soundtrack that plays while you're on the journey. The man who created this breathtaking music was no doubt a genius. Each song deeply reflects on and gives each level a personality, which not many soundtracks have been able to do. Have I mentioned that Journey is the first game that had it's soundtrack to be nominated for the Music Grammies.


Replay value is high:

If you think that Journey can be experienced only once, you are far from right. I actually play Journey time and time again. There are many trophies for Journey (S0me that are quite easy to obtain) but others you have to work at. One such trophy is when you have to collect all the Glyphs, the glowing symbols that lengthen your scarf. While some of them are at plain sight, others can be very well hidden. They can be a pain to find, but once you do, you'll have the great ability to fly for a very long time, along with another perk that will not be spoiled. Also, I've been playing more time just to help new players out. Since I have collected all the trophies, It's fun just help some people get glyphs, or even playing with experienced  players can be fun.


Along with emotional ending that I will never forget, Journey is a must- play for all people who own a ps3 who haven't before. Through it's remarkable beauty, this short but sweet experience that marks one of gaming's most beautiful most touching achievements. It startles you with the unexpected, and enpowers you in an exhilarating, unforgettable ending. The hours I've spent in Journey will create memories that last forever.... 10/ 10 <3