I love The Legend of Zelda. Loved all the plots in each game, the gameplay, mostly every other thing about each game. But though my times of playing every one of the games, I found out that the single most thing that attached me to this series was its beautiful music. I loved listening to each game's music whether I was roaming around in Hyrule, fighting beasts in a puzzle- driven temple, or even visiting locals in small villages.  In most cases, the music was downright amazing and a pleasure to hear. But, the songs that I'm listing off are ones that were especially epic in every way to me. The best of the best.  My top ten list. Enjoy!



10. Song of Storms  (Ocarina of Time)

This one is a definite classic. Actually one of the best  song on the Ocarina, in my opinion. A very catchy tune and has literally made an impact on how much I like Ocarina of Time. Can't really describe how great it is.



9. Tal Tal Heights ( Link's Awakening)

Always loved this one and is defiantly  the best song in Link's Awakening. I never really thought anything of the game's soundtrack until I heard this song. It is  very catchy, very upbeat, and very epic in every way. Perfect for this very great game.



8. Final Hours ( Majora's Mask)

There's only one word needed to describe this song: creepy. And that's ok. Because it's creepy in a good way. All in all, I enjoyed my experience playing Majora's Mask. Though unlike any other Zelda game,  I had to pick up my pace  if I wanted to win this game, so I panicked a little. Then the worst set- off for me in this game came into my great experience. The final day. I rushed myself as the clock counted down. This chilling music came pouring, reminding of the consequences I'd meet if I didn't finish this game soon. Termina rests on my shoulders as desperately wondered around. This music matched these moments perfectly... if only I knew I could slow down time.



7. The Dark World ( A Link to the Past)

Without a doubt, the best track in Link to the Past. I remember the shock on my face upon entering the dark world for the first time. Until then, I will never forget this amazing song, somthing that made the dark world purely intense. It has such an evil vibe to it, which matches this world perfectly. The remake in SSBB is pretty cool too.

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6. The Great Sea ( Wind Waker)

Oh, how I love Wind Waker. The only flaw I could think about in this game is the mode of transportation. The worst, actually.  Even though the mode of transportation in the game isn't great, the music while you transport is. The best, actually. This track is the definition of epic. The seas are vast, and I get tired from sailing through them. The only thing that doesn't stop me from  quitting is the music. This song tells me never to give up, that I'll make it through this game and have my victory.



5. Dragon Roost Island ( Wind Waker)

A great island with great characters . A great temple to go with it. And defiantly great music. What more can you ask for?! The track for this island is a masterpiece itself, let alone with the island.  All I can say that its a catchy jingle that's  extremely pleasure to the ears, and goes perfectly with the setting.

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4. Wind Waker Main Theme (Wind Waker)

Wind Waker probably  has one of the best soundtracks in gaming history, let alone the Zelda franchise, in my opinion. The theme of Wind Waker? A prime example. Combine most of the instruments in the world and add Miyamoto's great touch, and together you have this amazing song . But there is one theme that is just a tiny bit better in my opinion, and it's number 3...



3. Balled of the Goddess ( Skyward Sword)

My opinion? Most amazing Zelda main theme in history. Enough said.


2. Molgera's Boss Battle Theme ( Wind Waker)

Now, I know what your thinking: A boss theme?! In second place?! What, is this person crazy?!?! Maybe so, but this  theme holds up its own place in my heart. Actually, best part about this boss was its track it played as I tried to slay it. By far, other boss tracks didn't come close to this one. With a variety of sounds playing all at once in perfect harmony, this boss theme isn't just the best boss themes, its one of the best track on Zelda in my opinion. What could possibly be number 1?

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1. Fi's Farewell ( Skyward Sword)

Fi, I wanted to strangle you so many times. You were crowned the most annoying guide ever to walk on this planet. Not to mention the worst guide ever. You had an extremely boring personality. You were repetitively gave me information that I didn't need. When I was in a dire situation, you had no thought of helping me through it. You were a poorly designed robot. Nothing more. So why? So why did I literally cry and tell you not to leave my side when you said goodbye to me?! It was mostly the track that played along with this sad moment. I never really thought that saying goodbye to this auto tuned robot could be so tear- jerking. The music matched my mood perfectly, made me emotional, and made me miss Fi, even if she didn't have that great of a personality. An extremely beautiful tune, and my number 1 Zelda song of all time.



Even if they didn't make it on my top ten list, here are my...


Honorable Mentions:

Saria's Song ( Ocarina of Time):


Zelda's Lullaby ( Multiple Games):


Midna's Lament ( Twilight Princess):


Farore's Slient Realm ( Skyward Sword):


Termina Field ( Majora's Mask):

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Thanks for reading!