I am not sure whether I will be participating in the Weekly Challenge series regularly because my frequency of blogging is quite low. However, I will keep an eye out for these challenges and see if any pique my interest. I appreciate the effort BlackHeartedWolf is making to run this series and help other bloggers.

The first week’s challenge did pique my interest. While I do not consider myself a writer nor I ever was and am not a regular blogger, I do not believe I ever thought of detailing my writing. So I find this is a good opportunity to assess myself and is a good exercise. I want to thank Saint and 3D Titan (EDIT: and dragonryder) for posting their respective blogs so quickly which in a way inspired me to get this blog written as quickly as I have.

My background in English

My native language is not English. In my elementary school English was the third language that I learned. My mother tongue is Telugu and our national language is Hindi. As I grew up English has taken a very prominent role in our cultural landscape. This pervasion has sometimes led to the detriment of native languages in the education system. My parents kept me from choosing English as the medium of language in education for as long as possible. Not because they disliked English but they did not want me to forget my roots. Trust me, it can happen.

But I learnt enough English to be able to communicate properly and clearly. It improved through newspapers, text books and TV. TV was probably the biggest contributor to where my English language skills are today. My undergraduate and postgraduate studies were taught in English and during these years English has become very much my second language after Telugu. So to summarise, my English is good enough to communicate with anyone either through speech or writing. Having been living in Scotland for over an year also helped.

My background in blogging

I am not a blogger. Yes, I wrote a few blogs but they are so few in number that it would be an injustice to the word to call myself a blogger. Perhaps the reason I never found it appealing to write regularly is because of my education background which is in engineering. Of course, that need not be a reason but I believe that it was in my case. I said “was” because I am now trying to write regularly.  This is mainly due to videogames: it just so happens I have some opinions on videogames that I felt would be better expressed in the form of writing.

Another reason I took up to blogging is to be able to write at greater lengths. This is something I always had issues with: I do not seem to be able to write as lengthy as I would like to. Even though I rarely write more than once a week I feel I can now write longer blogs. I am happy with the results thus far and hope to better my writing further.

My blogging on GIO

I am really glad I decided to post to blog on GIO. Unlike the dedicated blogging sites such as Blogspot and Tumblr posts on GIO do not get lost in a sea of million more posts. While the primary purpose of my blogging is not to garner attention but instead, as I wrote, is to write about things I am interested in and to improve my writing skill, getting any number of responses is always nice. And the fact that all my potential readers share a common interest with me is also why responses are a welcome.

I owe thanks to Saint for herding my blog a few times already. Yes, I am proud that it happened a few times which means getting featured on the front page of Game Informer website is a pretty special incentive to keep writing.

My blogging ambitions

I am afraid I am going to repeat my words again and say that my primary and most important aim of blogging remains improving my writing skill while writing what I like to. That does not mean I am looking to take my writing to levels that are of journalistic standards. As I have posted to my blog regularly recently I feel that I can enjoy doing this. Much like Saint wrote in his blog, I want to be in a position where I can enjoy myself writing about things I do and do not like. To that end I feel this Weekly Challenge series can be very helpful as it can serve as a weekly assignment of sorts, in a good way. And that these challenges involve videogames can only be a good thing.

P.S. As I read this it came out a bit too serious than I would have liked. Oh well!