The first game I've ever owned as a kid was Mega Man 2 for the NES. I hadn't played any Mega Man games for sometime, So I recently decided I'd pick a Mega Man from my collection and play it all the way through. So thought why not go back to where it all started for me... My Hatred For Water Levels! Well actually I picked Mega Man 2 because it was the first I ever owned and possibly the best Mega Man game in the series. But it's also when I first started hating water levels.



Mega Man 2: During Bubble Man's level you have to be extra careful. Jump too high, jump too far, or don't jump far enough and you're done! Darn those spikes with the instant kills! Annoying enough when you have to avoid them during the regular levels, but toss in water and floating brain robot looking things to the mix and you're in for a not so good time.



Sonic 3: Sonic is a very fast paced game, You run as fast as you can through loops and do alot of jumping around. That's definantly what appeals the most to people regarding Sonic games. The fast paced nature of the game, but when you get to Hydrocity that changes, Suddenly it gets slow, verrrry slow, the pace changes completely. You also run out of breath if you dont find the small bubbles spread out through the level, And the panic you start to feel when you hear that sound of your air running out as you slowwwwwly move toward those bubbles.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TMNT on the NES was a difficult game, But I still loved playing it. Only beat it once but I was very proud of myself. I'm sure you can guess the level I disliked the most. Yup! The water level, You're surrounded by seaweed while getting hit in every direction, Just no way to get through all of that seaweed without being touched by it. Can become very annoying and aggravating. As it drains most of your life.



Ninja Gaiden: Speaking of life draining, As you see in the pic above that's exactly what the ghost fish in Ninja Gaiden loved to do. And ofcourse you'll find them waiting for you in and around water. You can do your best to ignore them, to sneak past them but they will spot you, and come at you like magnets. Most likely by the bunch. So beware when you get near water... There might be a ghost fish, or two, or three, or ten... Waiting just for you.



Donkey Kong Country: Now here's one I actually liked and didn't feel annoyed or frustrated with it. I know a water level I actually like?! No way! The controls and the movements were done so well in the water levels here, looked great visually, and had awesome music. There just was no reason for me to hate on the water levels in Donkey Kong Country, plus you got to ride Enguarde the swordfish and ram into all the enemies in your path. Now that was cool stuff!


There's definantly more games out there with annoying water levels, that slow down a well paced game, or just make things even more complicated than need to be. But I think for today I've listed enough. So now that you know my view on water levels in games. How do all of you feel towards them? Love them? Hate them? Or do you just not put much thought into it and just play?