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All right. You all knew this was coming! The second entry in my long running series video games and comic books. This post should not contain any spoilers but if they do they will be labeled or minor enough it won't matter.You may be wondering how this is related to video games. Well that is the beauty of it. It is a game/comic/all the media! This comic will send you links to things. Most of them you should go to. Now since we are talking about spoilers I will start with the rules for reading Homestuck and the basic info.

To start I'm going to give basic info in terms of game ratings.

This comic is M for Mature for blood, gore, violence, cartoon violence, strong language, and everything but nudity!!!!!!!

This comic is written by Andrew Hussie.

He is also currently working from a kickstarter to create a legitimate Homestuck game!

If you are going to read Homestuck you need to understand now, there is some vulgar stuff in it. It is completely understandable if you become uncomfortable with it. Also know if you can get through it, the story is amazing. Next there are people who will say it is very anti Christian/religion. I would like to say this is not true. While there is language, there is nothing demonic about it. In one blog they say there are demons and people who serve Satan. This is absolutely not true at all.

Now for the list of how to Homestuck

1. Avoid spoilers like the plague. Until you are completely caught up, do not look at any blogs or future pages. There are some insane twists and spoilers out there. You don't want to miss them.

2. This is the exception to the above rule. After you have read through an act, or a part of an act, it is a smart idea to look at the wiki for the act as it can explain all the information all of it.

3. The story is insanely complex! If you thought Dr. Who was confusing this comic may not be for you. However, if you fight through it, it is more than worth it.

4. If you decide to read Homestuck, understand it is a huge undertaking. You will not finish it in one night. You will not finish it in one day. Unless you are insanely fast you will not finish it in one week. To catch up to the current point it takes at least a month. For me, I read for about 3 months regularly to catch up.

5. There are triggers. ALL THE TRIGGERS

6. The beginning is boring. Until about act 4 it is mildly boring. There is a lot of technical stuff to learn and it may seem pointless. Fight through it. If you are not interested by the end of act 4 then give up on it.

7. Act 5 is amazing

8. Act 6 is better

9. Everything is important. EVERYTHING! Read the intermissions, read the pesterlogs!

10. Play the flash games! You can miss amazing jokes and critical story/side story information. Now be aware there are some games which will link away from homestuck to another comic by the writer Andrew Hussie.

11. About links, if it is related to Con Air, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, or a youtube video, you should check it out! It will provide a crucial plot point/long running gag. As for Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, only the first one is really needed. 

12. Watch Con Air to catch more references. So many Con Air references.

13. Do not skip to the trolls.

14. You're ships will sink, you're favorite characters will die. Accept this now.

15. You will never look at shipping a character the same way again.

16. Feel free to ask me any questions as you go and I will try to answer as spoiler free as possible.

17. Know you will become hopelessly obssessed.

18. The story is still ongoing. Right now it is at the gigapause. However, the next update will finish the story. Thus now is one of the best times to start on the comic.

19. You may think you are over halfway done at the end of act 4. That is wrong. Act six is literally half of the comic. Act 5 is a quarter of the comic. Acts 1-4 is basically the prologue.

20. Every little detail is important. Seriously. You may think a plot point is random and stupid and then it winds up being crucial to the plot.

21. In the beginning of the comic especially, the internet would give suggestions for how the story should go. The writing gets significantly better once Hussie starts using his own ideas more. Know now it is random and weird at first as only the internet can be.

22. Try to understand the captchalogue system! Feel free to ask me questions about it and I may right a FAQ about the various ones employed throughout the comic or maybe I can link to a wiki.

23. Finally here is a link to a youtube video which does really well at explaining Homestuck in an interesting light. I do not believe there are any spoilers BUT it does show some characters you will not meet until much later in the comic.

watch?v=MLK7RIHW E


Good Luck and Enjoy Homestuck. Here is the link to page one. Please talk to me about your journey through the comic. There will be laughs and there will be feels and there will be Nicolas Cage!