This blog is about the different games which everyone else tends to love, yet I hated or just did not like as much as everyone else.Please note, I played over two hours (or even to completion sometimes when playing these games so I do have experience with playing each of the games.)

Mario Franchise

While I enjoyed the original games somewhat, besides Super Mario Sunshine, there was not much difference in game play between any of the games. People get mad at the maker of COD for having no variety yet eat the Mario games up. Don't get me wrong, the games are fun, but it is always more of the same with a slightly different mechanic.

Mario 64: Time Played: Completed

Don't get me wrong, this game was O.K. That was it. I did not find it as revolutionary as everyone else did when I was a kid. The platforming was good but I actually preferred Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 over this game. This is one of those games I became bored with because lack of change in the game play.

Uncharted 2: Time Played (Over 2 hours)


The game looked great and the game play was really well done. I just hated it. I could not get interested into the story and I got bored with the game play for some reason. Also, it became ridiculous with the frequent use of God @#$% Usually I don't like cussing in a game at all but I can tolerate it when it is used appropriately. It became over used in my opinion. Not only that but the long load times to start the game up and actually get into multiplayer along with its slightly different control scheme from other 3rd person shooters I've played and loved. 

Bioshock: Time Played (over 5 hours)

I loved the atmosphere and the story, however my main problem was it being boring from not having a death penalty. I never felt like I was being punished and it felt like there was no reason to try to be good because I would be loaded up to the nearest checkpoint with all the enemies you killed previously already dead or already having some of their health taken out of them from my previous run through before I died. It seemed to become monotonous in my opinion.

Jak II: Time Played (over 2 hours)

 I loved the first game. In fact, I thought it was amazing. This one was not just bad in my opinion but it changed the story, tone and game play so much, it felt like an incredibly different game. The hover car travel was no fun at all and the platforming was virtually removed. It felt like it was trying to be a different game with the addition of guns. While I didn't mind the better story, it completely made the tone go completely dark. 

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts: Time Played (over 10 hours)

This game was ok, if it were not a Banjo game. It is one thing to change up the game play some and add new things but this completely scrapped all things great about the Banjo franchise for a Lego car simulator. I'm still waiting for a true Banjo Threeie.

God of War: Time Played (over 5 hours)

This game is boring in my opinion. It feels like I am constantly pressing the same buttons with very small changes for a few combos. Although it is well made, it is monotonous and does little more besides make my thumbs tired from button mashing a few easy combos.

Don't get me wrong, all of these games were well done, they just were not my cup of tea. Anybody else share my opinions????