Since I was two, I have been playing video games. Over the years, I have completed and witnessed many events through video games. These are my absolute favorite! They range from actual scenes to simply a moment which occurred around a game.Please note: there will be some spoilers. Therefore, if you have never played the game mentioned, do not continue reading the moment.

Heavy Rain: Heavy Rain has an amazing story which contains many memorable moments. Since, saying the whole game is a bit vague, so the most important scene was figuring out who the killer is.


When the killer is finally revealed it is amazing. I did not see it coming! The biggest shock for me was, the killer is one of the four main character you play as and you have to destroy all the evidence you thought you were collecting to take down the murderer. 


Mass Effect 2: Not only was the entire suicide mission exciting, but surviving with my entire crew was all part of the thrill.


Portal 2: The final puzzle in Portal 2 was the single greatest moment of the game. It was a simple puzzle. I only had to shoot one portal to give the finishing blow to the final boss. The catch: you have to shoot the moon.  The ceiling opens up and I see the moon; next thing I know, I shoot it, the portal hits and sends Wheatley to space!

Banjo Kazooie: Finally beating Banjo Kazooie after playing it over 10 years off and on was a huge moment for me! It is also the only game where I unlocked every achievement.

Metroid Prime: Over the course of this game, I was able to commit several epic feats as I learned about the mysterious phazon. The greatest moment was being able to utilize the power of the phazon for one epic final boss to destroy the head Metroid. Although you only get to use this weapon once, it is the most memorable part of the game.


Halo Reach: The overall experience of the game for me, was decent. However, the final scene was incredible


Watching as my customized soldier stood his ground for the final time before getting shot down was a moment that really impacted me.


Original Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy and Sonic and Knuckles: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first game I ever played. I put many hours into this series. This is one of my favorite moments in gaming, because every moment of playing these games were great moments.


Snowboard Kids 2: This game was a N 64 masterpiece. It not only improved upon the original by a long shot with better levels, customizable boards, and many new characters, it also provided a load of fun! The greatest moment of this game (and the first) was playing with my family and having a great time.


Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: I recently beat this game. It is one of my favorite moments because there is nothing like beating your first Zelda game.


Dead Space 2:


Going bach to the original spaceship Ishimura scared the mess out of me; I played in the dead of night and became so scared I had to take a break because I about threw up. Good times!


Resident Evil 4: This was my first M game I ever played. I will never forget the hours of fun I had on this game. Not to mention the scares!


Gaming not only allowed me to enjoy moments during a game but after too! Without video games, I would have never found out about My Little Pony and would not have been able to join the amazing brony group!


Portal 1: Shortly after my DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery I decided to finish playing Portal. I never felt so proud of myself when I managed to beat the final half of the game after having brain surgery.

Flower: The final level of Flower deeply impacted me. It was an amazing scene which can not be explained in words. It must be seen and experienced.


Nintendo 64: Possibly the most exciting moment of my childhood was when my grandma bought me a Nintendo 64. This is my favorite moment in gaming. If not for this system, I would have stopped at the Sega Genesis and would not have gone on to be the hardcore gamer I am today.


Thank you very much for reading! As always, give me feedback!!!!!!

Also none of these pics belong to me!!!