My past few blogs have been pretty much all comedy and top ten lists. I realized that I haven't been posting creative or thought provoking blogs, so I'm going to change that with this post.  I'm doing this all for you...

That's right, you.
So back to the topic at hand, my oh-so-brilliant idea has to do with the first person genre. Now I bet you are thinking that this is another one of those rants that the first person shooter is overrated and they should be based on Vietnam, but it’s not. Actually, this has to do something with cinemas, or movies.
So what happens when you blend in first person with movies?
That's right; you get a movie in first person.
But seriously, I truly believe this will be a huge hit if done right. Think about it, a crazed maniac is charging at you with a bloody axe, and you (or the camera) roll to the side, shown by the camera turning as if you are rolling. The maniac barely misses your head by a fraction with the axe, and you can hear a faint whoosh as the axe swung by. You jump up, grabbing the axe and struggling to pull it out of the maniac's firm grip. You hear your own labored breathing, and the maniac's fanatical laughs. The two of you bring it to the ground, and you see your hands flailing and the camera dimming in and out of consciousness as your head meets the ground multiple times. But the whole time you are fighting with the maniac, punching and getting beaten. Blood splatters on the camera indicating that you are being beaten to the pulp, and you must end the brawl quickly. For a split second you purposely lose hold of the axe, giving the maniac a chance to swing downwards at you again. A millisecond before the axe impales you; you leap out of the way, the axe clanging on the ground. The sound of metal meeting concrete rings in your ear, and you know that the shock of the axe striking the ground will send waves of vibration up the maniac’s arm.
You know that the vibration will cause his arm to weaken for a moment.
Instantly you pile on him, ripping the axe out of his hands and smashing him senseless. Your heartbeat creates a endless tone in your head, and all you hear is that and the groans and whimpers the maniac is making.
Now, of course there can be other settings, such as the good ol’ modern warfare. And even though that setting is used many times in the video game world, the movie world hasn’t experienced that yet in FIRST PERSON.
Showing a movie completely in first person will create an experience of no other if done correctly. Games like Bioshock have proved this by mixing an original story, a mysterious atmosphere, and tense yet chaotic action. So what if a movie had all of these ingredients, and mixed them up to create a…well…a movie? Personally I think this would work out terrifically.
Thank you for reading this and please leave your comments below!